Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology

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Near Horizon, just north of Windward, Small World is a cozy bookstore, but loaded to the rafters with a reservoir of books and magazines. Mostly used books, they have a great calendar of readings by local authors. Worth the trip to the LBC. They never disappoint, carrying loads of coffeetable books on painters, photography, fashion, graphic design, furniture, interior decoration and esoteric architectural retrospectives.

They also have an extensive selection of architecture and design magazines. The Hollywood location opened last year. The Santa Monica location is on Wilshire near the Promenade. MAny of these venues have three generations of poets sharing their work. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Behold the lore of LA Authors! Because I inhale L. A, like the smoke from a Skid Row bum. Because I used the slick white sheet inside a pantyhose pack, to write.

Because Daddy drove a Porsche, tooling the with ease, passing men who eyed his kinky wild hair with suspicion and would have lynched him, if they could get away clean. Because my cousin sold weed. Because the drive to Sin City is best done at night, where I write on In and Out napkins, or on gas station towels, or on the wide, trusty desk of my thighs. Because the wild blast of neon against a black Teflon sky, is like the dice rolling nothing but sevens.

Because surviving in this city is beyond heat-waves or floods, and the biggest earthquakes can happen in your own living room sometimes, if you tangle with the wrong kind. A we just may swing back. Because when it comes to a riot, we invented the shit. Because L. A smoke alarm with a liquor store heart. Faster than real estate, faster than burger or trigger happy police.

Tart as a navel orange, shinier than diamond, coyote eyes, or as mean as a piece of glass in your feet. And when freeways become the simmering motels that they are, a metal box of horror, a chain letter of smog up to God, a Lego Land of tin spreading from dealerships across town, where a gas guzzler can suck your whole paycheck dryand leave you gasping for air. And when the red lights of life make you hit the breaks for the 89th time, remember to sing, turn on Dancing With The Stars.

We change clothes as fast as we change our lanes. Because a swimsuit, some gym shorts, or a red carpet dress can all be worn on the very same day. And like most living things, L. A river, a valley, a mountain range of trees, a beach flat and tan as new pancakes. As greasy as the meat at P. Glorious as morning grass, L. Because Hollywood is my home, and more than picket sign in a hill of weeds. It holds the porn industry from seeping back into L. So take a drive. Grab your sunglasses and get in your seat. Get your pen and take Sunset until you hit waves. Walk on Broadway until the smell of old buildings melt your cloths or the panhandlers make you want to cry.

Pam Ward, a third generation L. None of this is intended to detract from the general excellence of your article; but the Rose shop is a particular interest of mine, and like with most "legendary" subjects, what we think we know often derived from anecdotal evidence turns out to be not quite true.

City Guides. Comments What a great guide for literary minded folks in or coming to L. Illiad Bookstore in North Hollywood is also among my favorite used bookstores! Thanks again for including this series in the guide! Thanks for pointing out the error, sandylee! It's been corrected. Produced by Marlena Bond with rotating hosts Lois P. Jones, Jaimes Palacio and Myrenna Ogbu www.

Her revolving troupe of actors reinterprets and adapts locals' short stories. He also has an undying obsession with German trance music. Alessandro Ricciarelli was born in Italy moved to Germany where he immediately broke his leg, went to school, studied Comparative Literature at Munich University, broke that off, went to Boston to study Jazz, came back to Munich, drifted for ten years between the US and Germany, then finally installed himself—sort of—in NYC and began working as a music therapist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

He also began writing in English, went to several residencies, and finally got an MFA from Columbia——and now maybe, maybe, will publish something. Tracey Rose is a writer living in Brooklyn. Commission of the Arts. Marianna Rosen is from Moscow. Marianna wrote her first fiction story while reporting on war in Chechnya. The insatiable thirst for adventure eventually motivated Marianna to move to New York. She spent the following twelve years in a rhetorical limbo, while acquiring a decent command of Italian, working many long hours on Wall Street, and earning an M.

Once the verbal incarceration was over, she began to write short stories and now is working on a collection titled The Guide to Moscow, which centers on interactions between mad and dislocated personalities during times that were also mad and dislocated.

When the very thing that motivates her to write becomes, paradoxically, the very same thing that compels her to feed her writing to the wastebasket, she switches to research on Italian and Russian Futurism, a field of Comparative Literature, which she hopes to pursue as a Ph. In , she arrived in Los Angeles where she took a job at the L. At the Times, she wrote about art and murder, food and war. In , she went to Baghdad for the Times, and liked it so much, she decided to stay for almost three years.

She also spent time in Beirut, Jerusalem, and Gaza, but came back to the U.

Her first book was published this year in her native Denmark. She lives in Brooklyn where, on clear days, she can see the Statue of Liberty from her fire escape. Sajan Saini is a Canadian expatriate who left behind his favorite hockey-town for the New England life to earn a Ph. More recently, as a professor of physics at Queens College of CUNY, he has taught courses in introductory modern physics and astronomy, while researching optical communications and solar cell devices.

Sajan also writes popular science articles and has authored two scientific book chapters. He is at work on short stories about the Indian diaspora and a hard science novella. That intention took on special meaning when she learned that her grandmother in Israel had also dreamed of becoming a writer — a dream that still haunted her at the age of In , then pregnant with her son Oskar, Lisa devoted herself fully to writing, studying with Mary Gordon and Marilynne Robinson at Skidmore.

Currently, Lisa is working on her debut story collection — a collection in need of much nurturing and love. Susan Scutti writes both fiction and poetry. Her work appears in various journals, anthologies and small press publications and includes a collection of her short stories, The Renaissance Began with a Muted Shade of Green , and a book of her poems forthcoming from Paper Kite Press. She earned a BA in English from Yale. She is a contributor to The Brooklyn Rail and offManahattan.

Caroline writes short stories and novels. She is currently at work on a novel about soil, teenagers, and longing in upstate New York. She arrived as a photographer and worked for the Soho News and the then beginning Details magazine. Her work has been shown in the United States and Europe. She is now making pictures with outdated Polaroid film and paintings and drawings that incorporate organic material. The first story she ever wrote was in the third grade. He grew up in Louisville, KY, graduated from Princeton University in with an English degree, and immediately began working as a reporter for The Post.

He's written about the impact of CIA officers' lives on their families and helped unravel a mystery about a stolen Renoir painting. This year, he is beginning to review novels for The Post and hopes to get his first piece of fiction published. He has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Marine Engineering from St. Sanjay has published several articles related to the financial services industry in journals and other publications, and is currently completing a book Risk Transparency forthcoming in October Rachel Signer is a writer, communications strategist, and yoga teacher, usually in that order.

She holds an M. Rachel has conducted anthropology research in Latin America and Africa. She has recently returned from a three-month stay in India and is at work on a dystopian novel in which the death of philosophy is imminent. She has also devoted herself to many non-profit organizations, and serves as a volunteer court advocate to assist domestic violence victims in Family Court in Essex County, NJ. Initially inspired by her favorite childhood authors, Rhonda has written short memoirs and fiction, as well as poetry, throughout her life. A five-year survivor of lymphoma, Rhonda has had two pieces included in collections published by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.

Rhonda has lived her entire life in the New York City area.


Contributors' Notes

She and her husband currently split their time between the city and their home in Upper Montclair, NJ. After graduating from Brooklyn Law School in , she practiced criminal defense for 13 years. Karen imagined herself a writer since she was 6 years old and swore she would make writing her life's work. Along the way, she became a criminal defense lawyer, a social studies teacher, an education researcher, as well as a mom, wife, and grammy. Karen will have completed her PhD in language, reading and culture at the University of Arizona in Her publications to date have been in the field of education research.

Karen De Luca Stephens is a visual artist and writer. Originally from Boston she studied philosophy, art and architecture. After graduate school in philosophy at Johns Hopkins University she moved to Mexico City where she and her husband raised their five children. There she designed residences, worked with stained glass and metal, and studied painting with Filipe Bragar, a contemporary neo-expressionist painter.

She has also worked in strategic planning and development for non-profits in Mexico and the US. She is currently working on her second screenplay and a collection of short fiction, and, of course, her painting. Hannah Sung received her B. Since then, she has worked as a writer and broadcast journalist with a focus on pop culture. She produces short documentaries and enjoys traveling with a mic, pen and paper, learning the cultures of Mali, East Timor, Indonesia, Korea, Croatia, France, Japan and Brazil. Her work life has included arts reportage for the CBC, The Toronto Star , MuchMusic and TV production on several reality shows including a prank show involving chicken suits and fake funerals, which provided a special kind of illumination of human psychology under duress.

Trained as a public health researcher, Maggie evaluated child protection programs in Aceh, conducted abortion research in the former Soviet Union, and developed hospital protocol for miscarriage management in Mexico. Maggie holds a graduate degree in public health from Columbia University, and undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Spanish Literature from the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon.

She lives in Brooklyn. She is particularly interested in ethics, political philosophy, and Buddhist philosophy. Her Mexican origins compel her always to be in search of bright colors and the sun. She believes better worlds are possible, and obsessively dreams up some of these worlds while she rides the subway every day. Beth Venn has been an art museum curator and art historian for twenty-five years. Though she loves art, enough is enough. She hopes to expand her non-fiction repertoire to include personal essays, opinion pieces and short biographies. Anna Voisard is an associate editor at an educational publisher in NYC.

She has also worked on literacy programs for both children and teens. She currently lives in Queens. George Wen was born in Seattle, Washington. It was his first attempt at writing something longer, and more significant, than a business memo. Lisa Williams is a full-fledged New Yorker. She grew up in the city and returned shortly after graduating from college and has remained ever since, even though most of her family emigrated to California. She holds a Ph. She has published a book of creative nonfiction, Letters to Virginia Woolf www.

Thomas Patrick Wisniewski is a writer, translator, and musician.

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A Jacob K. He lives in Cambridge, MA. He accidentally became a professional web developer while working in Washington DC, but writing has been his consistent passion. He hopes to hone his talent and build a collection of new short fiction. Holly Woodward i s a writer and painter. Her novel-in-progress follows a couple of dominatrixes in New York City.

Holly was a doctoral fellow at Moscow University for a year, after two semesters at Saint Petersburg University. Holly is a calligrapher and marbles paper, which she incorporates into handmade books. An anthology of modern aphorists, Short Flights , includes a chapter of her work. He practiced as a lawyer a long time ago, and worked in the music business for 25 years before retiring to devote himself to full-time fiction writing.

He is now 58 years old and lives in the West Village with his family. He has completed two novels, is currently at work on a novella, and is struggling mightily to become a better writer. The blog of that project can be found at www. When not doing ethnography in her swimsuit, she can be found in the NYPL doing archival research for her dissertation or writing creative nonfiction pieces.

Her favorite piece of writing equipment is a Remington 5, which needs to be fixed, as it currently only works when held upside down. Elizabeth Alsop received her B. She teaches film courses at Hunter College. Previously she worked at Vogue and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. She has taught writing, film, and literature courses within CUNY since Beth Aviv graduated from the University of Michigan B. She's now working on a memoir of her friendship with Detroit artist Cay Bahnmiller. His in-depth articles. He's a former AP reporter and editor in the Brazil and Caribbean bureaus.

Michael Bernstein has recently returned home to New York City after spending a year as a volunteer in Israel. Although more experienced with fiction, Michael has been keeping a regular blog from abroad and is thrilled with the opportunity to develop his non-fiction interests in travel writing and topical essays. He holds a B. Robert Brenner is a satirist, critic, and ventriloquist. He writes about business, politics, technology, and the arts, usually in the voices of funny characters—superheroes, professional wrestlers, disgraced politicians and celebrities.

He lives in New York City with his child bride and two imaginary cats. She is currently a Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College where she teaches research related courses; including competitive intelligence, business research, and records management. Like most other tenured professors who teach for the City Univeristy of New York, she has published scholarly articles in her field. She has also written articles in related professional journals. Roberta now wishes to write for a broader audience. Iris Brooks graduated from Bard College with a B.

Nathan Burstein , who normally doesn't write or speak about himself in the third person, would love to be a professional movie critic or otherwise write about film, TV, books and history. He got to do a fair amount of such writing during the two and a half years he spent at The Jerusalem Post, where he also wrote occasional tourism pieces. Born in Nashville and raised near Seattle, he's been back in the U. He has an idea for a book but isn't sure it will work; he hopes to start experimenting with it before classes begin. Shelley Burtt taught political philosophy at Yale University from to Since that time she has moved to England and come back, sent two children to college, adopted two more, enjoyed a stint as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, earned a second-degree black belt, and explored life as an "independent scholar.

Delois Byrd was born in Philadelphia and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. Lawton is an Army town and joined at the hip with Fort Sill, a massive field artillery base. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to improve and broaden the scope of her writing. Sean has managed global communications with Google and editorial and special projects with Yahoo. He leads trainings with the International Center for Journalists, and co-founded the TechRaking summit series with the Center for Investigative Reporting.

The Living Haiku Anthology - Padhy, Pravat Kumar

Tess Clarkson earned her B. In the middle of Tess' first year at Fordham, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance offered her a spot in its Irish dance chorus, and she began traveling across North America with the show and performed in the original cast of Michael Flatley's Feet of Flames in London.

Following her return to law school, Tess also had the opportunity to dance in the Broadway production of Riverdance. Since officially hanging up her dance pumps upon earning her J. She also serves as a hospice volunteer and is a trained end-of-life doula. Tess discovered her passion for creative writing after a friend gave her Julia Cameron's An Artist's Way.

Many writing workshops followed, and Tess currently is writing about her friend's death on Air France and how it led Tess to serve the dying. Kristen Drybread is an anthropologist, a freelance research editor, a capoeira instructor, and an actress. She has taught anthropology at Columbia University, won fellowships from the Fulbright-Hays and Woodrow Wilson Foundations, and taught gifted elementary school students in New Orleans as a member of Teach for America.

A fearless explorer, Kristen has climbed mountains in 5 continents, traveled up the Nile and down the Amazon, spent nine months in a Brazilian juvenile prison, navigated the rapids of rivers across the U. Her ambition is to begin translating stories she has collected in her adventures into captivating prose. Libby Edelson received her B. She is an associate editor at Ecco, an Imprint of HarperCollins.

Alan Edelstein is a nonfiction filmmaker originally from western Massachusetts. His new film, An Art That Nature Makes , about the contemporary art photographer Rosamond Purcell, will have its theatrical premiere in Manhattan in the summer of A freelance journalist as well as filmmaker, Alan has written on arts and culture for publications including The New York Times , The Forward, and Transition.

Dale W. Eisinger is a writer, photographer, musician, and fly-fisherman from Idaho. In , the National Council on Contemporary Families gave an Emerging Journalists Award to a team for which Dale reported on education issues relating to homelessness. During his undergraduate English, communications, and journalism studies in Boise, he was given an Idaho Press Club award for review writing.

Behind the camera, Dale stops his F at 1. He is currently working on a collection of short stories entitled "Mid-Atlantic States. Susan Farkas is a veteran radio and television broadcaster, who started her career in her native Canada. Susan has written and edited loads of television scripts and she teaches broadcast writing at the CUNY Journalism School. But now the question is: can she write for print, or have all those years of sentence fragments and heavy-handed foreshadowing deformed her writing style forever?

Albert Fayngold was born in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied painting and architecture at the National School of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Arts and worked as a scene painter and set designer at the Kiev Opera Theater prior to moving to the US in While continuing to paint and exhibit here in New York, he enrolled at C. Post and earned a B. In , a bilingual book of his paintings and personal prose Studies at the Forgotten Neighborhoods was published both in the Ukraine and in the U.

Jessica Firger is a native New Yorker. Jessica's work has landed her at homicide scenes, in a boat-size SUV with pop icon Suzanne Vega, at a drunken late-night game of mah-jongg and in a meat locker in the South Bronx. Prior to working as a journalist, she spent eight years on both the editorial and publicity sides of the book publishing industry.

She lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She brings a wide range of aesthetic and political interests to writings on art, essays, and personal writings. She continued to be active in the institution as a Writing Associate in the Humanities Department and has worked for art historian Dore Ashton. Currently, she is staff writer for The Brooklyn Rail , and is a freelance writer. Her poetry has appeared in Poet Lore magazine.

He is presently writing his Peace Corps memoirs with the hope of explaining how the ego is an illusion. Kristen French has been a business journalist for over ten years, in both Santiago, Chile and in New York. She is currently the managing editor at a popular and award-winning monthly magazine covering Wall Street. Kristen has covered business as a reporter for the now defunct newswire Bridge News as well as for TheStreet. She has a degree in English from Williams College and lives in Brooklyn. Estee holds a B. She is the recipient of the New York State English Council Program of Excellence Award in recognition of Literally Speaking, a school-wide reading program that she innovated in She wishes to write short nonfiction on the everyday—from human experience to popular culture and world events.

He has worked as a research assistant at the Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations; as an English and history teacher, debate coach, and student publications advisor at the Collegiate School; and as a ghost writer to the founding partner of a large New York law firm. For many years he wrote overly-long e-mail messages, but he now hopes to perfect the Facebook status update as a literary form.

He is an avid cyclist and currently lives in Forest Hills, Queens. Linda Gibson is traveling the reinvention road, becoming the fulltime writer she always wanted to be. Before that, there was teaching young children, which was prefaced by a short career as a modern dancer. Currently, she is completing a memoir—her life and times filtered through recorded conversations with her grandson—and expanding her writing repertoire to include personal essays and journalism.

Years passed and Janee took her creative nonfiction writing private as she stepped up to the demands of running three companies and two nonprofits, raising two sons, and following her own diverse interests Her first company was focused on tech and her fourth on loose leaf organic tea. Today her life is rich with experiences of world travel, and she lives in New York City as a new urban resident, consulting to emerging companies.

Curious about how people live, over the last five years she has followed the international Jewish community and rowing community in almost a dozen countries. She writes essays about her experiences. Her essay about a meditation retreat in Auschwitz was published as part of an international collection of writings in She worked as a teacher of the deaf in her first career. When not writing, traveling, or consulting, Janee can be spotted on her kick scooter, joyfully zipping around New York City.

She attended Barnard College, Columbia U. A devotee in the temple of music since childhood, she later played in a garage band. She has written for publications such as Surface and Flaunt and is currently writing a novel. She divides her time between Brooklyn and a cabin in the woods of Leatherstocking country.

She is currently writing After the Manner of Women, forthcoming, Fordham Press, She has published fiction, poetry and essays in literary magazines and anthologies. Reading, writing and teaching are just as important as cooking, eating and drinking good wine are to her. She has published poetry, essays, and book reviews, some appearing in LiteraryMama.

Desert Rose

She won the Daily Herald's Citizen's Award twice. She and her husband emigrated from Pakistan to the Chicago area to be with their daughter. Christine Swanberg. More to follow! Maria lives in lake Zurich with her husband and three kids. She is a student and is working to get her pharmacist technician certificate.

In her free time, she likes to read, exercise and spend time with her family. Also, Mary is working on her memoir about living in Post War Germany where her father was in the diplomatic service. Glenda Bailey-Mershon. Linda Mowry. Shobha Sharma.

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Born in Upstate South Carolina to a family with roots in the Southern Appalachians, she has explored in poetry and fiction her European, Native American, and Romani heritage. After many years in St. Augustine, she now lives in the Carolinas again. A writer, teacher, and mentor, she's been a rock for JSPF, serving as president from through After raising two boys, she found she had time and passion for writing.

Some of her short stories and poems were published one by Hachett Book Group a few years back and also by Jane's Stories Press Foundation. When time permits, she is also working on her short stories and three novels. Sheryl's poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, interviews and travel writing are widely published in journals and magazines. Tamara Sellman. A former writing coach and anthology editor, she is now pursuing a career in polysomnography. She lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington and is the mother of two teenagers who are published poets in their own right.

Lentje "Leny" Kaltenekker. Augustine, Florida. She writes in both English and Dutch.

Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology
Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe-An Anthology

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