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Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why includes one of the most topical storylines of the show's history. Tony is heartbroken to find his family ripped away from him, a very real fear that many immigrants have given the controversial immigration policies under Donald Trump. We knew this would affect people. He adds that the show continues to give audiences characters they can relate to with this storyline. At the end of the season, Tony "reunites" with his family at Thanksgiving, albeit over Skype.

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The perseverance and grace under pressure and tremendously unfortunate circumstances is [amazing] — to be able to smile and celebrate Thanksgiving under those conditions. Whether Tony's family will find a way back to him, the series will have the opportunity to explore: 13 Reasons Why season 4 is in production now. Related Stories.

Warning: Mild Batwoman spoilers are ahead. When Batwoman debuts on The CW on October 6, there is a crime-fighting stalwart whose absence is not only conspi. If you love The Crown, get ready for some great news. She's the joy of my life, and she's I will say, this is really the only thing that she's been able to see. And Veep , obviously, is a little too mature. So, it's neat to do something that she can see, and she's very proud of it. That's my dad. TH : There are so many messages I think that come out of this.

He sees the world with such fresh eyes and his just constant wonder about life. I never want her to lose that.

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You see her as one way, and then you see that she wants love. She's worthy to be loved. I think a lot of people in society are misinterpreted or misunderstood. So, there are so many different beautiful messages that I think come out of it. RP : With all Pixar movies, these characters will live on forever.

Where do you see Forky going after this? Do you have any ideas for Forky's spin-off yet you would like to pitch? TH : Thank you.

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He's going to start his own fast food chain. I guess I could talk about it. Can I talk about that? And the fact is some of these questions, I don't really know. He's like, "What does this do? What is this?


What's in space? And I love that. RP : Growing up, did you have a Forky? Either a character you just loved and you couldn't live without or something you created and it was your prized possession? TH : Well, I had two characters that I was huge fans of. Scooter from the Muppet Show because I was convinced he had asthma like me. So, I was very thankful for that. And Beaker on the Muppet Show because he made me laugh the hardest, and he said the least. He would just make odd noises. And so, I would say Beaker and Scooter were definitely on the top of the list.

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RP : And so, now, I'm hearing you would like to be involved with the Muppets, going forward, too? TH : You know what? I'm so glad that you mentioned that because I do grunt well, so I'll do a good Beaker. They had an idea of how [the character] shouldlook and they showed me that. Just to be a part of that [process and] a part of the Pixar world is a huge honor. Many times, writers have an idea and [they] let it breathe. Because Arrested [ Development ], she was very young. Obviously, with Forky, not only [is the message] the fact that everybody has a purpose, but his freedom to ask so many questions.

And then, even with [new character] Gabby [Gabby, voiced by Christina Hendricks].

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But [ his new series, Forky Asks A Question ] is where he gets with other characters from Toy Story and he asks these questions. I am a pop culture writer and editor, and I love covering all things television and film. I'm an expert at binge-watching, and Tan from "Queer Eye" once told me that he Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Rachel Paige.

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Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way
Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way
Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way
Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way
Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way
Tonys Story: His Way Tonys Story: His Way

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