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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 28, Krissy rated it really liked it. Can't wait to read the next one.

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Once again the characters completely pulled me in, which is always a sign of a good book for me. Maggie rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Deba rated it really liked it Jun 20, Daniel Zazitski rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Mollie Evans rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Marsha Hummel rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Vivek rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Kristina Franken rated it it was amazing Sep 05, Roy Huff rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Kristina Dombroski rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Darren rated it really liked it Oct 18, Jill rated it it was amazing Oct 16, Darren Mitton rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Jackie Lane rated it it was ok Sep 29, Patti Roberts marked it as to-read Apr 14, Jackie marked it as to-read Apr 18, Robert marked it as to-read Apr 18, Kawthar marked it as to-read May 03, Cheryl marked it as to-read May 08, Courtney marked it as to-read May 16, Guadalupe marked it as to-read May 28, Nicky marked it as to-read May 28, Tammy marked it as to-read Jul 01, Jordan Serig marked it as to-read Jul 03, Magischm added it Jul 06, Carly marked it as to-read Jul 12, Bec marked it as to-read Jul 16, Katie is currently reading it Aug 02, Lauren marked it as to-read Aug 20, Joanne marked it as to-read Aug 28, Jeff Hargett marked it as to-read Sep 03, Jennifer marked it as to-read Mar 18, Katherine added it Aug 08, David Fernau marked it as to-read Oct 19, Jamie marked it as to-read May 29, Heather marked it as to-read Aug 20, LeeAnn marked it as to-read Sep 13, Luis Vega marked it as to-read Nov 27, Barron marked it as to-read Dec 14, Lyssa Sue Shaffer marked it as to-read Jan 18, Kim marked it as to-read Feb 11, Chandra Fry marked it as to-read Jan 27, Garrett Olinde marked it as to-read Feb 19, Investigate the Great Temple area.

Upgrades: None 2. Lore: Origins 4. Don't worry if you don't get them here, they appear quite often in the game, and you can scan them then. At this point, you can save your game by rolling into a hole in the left-hand wall. Remember this spot, as you can gain some Missiles after you have the Morph Ball Bombs. For now, save and head into the Temple Sanctuary. As you enter this area, a group of Worker Splinters will drop from the ceil- ing and be transformed by the Ing into Dark Splinters. You'll have to battle them quickly, so strafe around the interior of the area while popping off charged Power Beam shots at them to take them down quickly.


After you've taken out all of the Dark Splinters, a cutscene will take over. This is similar to the Plated Beetle fight from the first game, so stay locked on while peppering it with Charge Beam fire and dash out of the way when it trembles, because it is about to execute a fast leaping attack.

After playing with it for a bit, the Ing will arrive and make this battle a bit more difficult. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for dealing with this mini-boss. You can use the remaining Missiles you have to inflict some decent damage, but you'll end this fight faster with charged shots. When it's far on the other side of the room, it's a good idea to pepper it with the Power Beam, and save the Charge Beam for when it leaps across the room.

Just like with the orig- inal version, this one'll charge when it rears back and shakes, so get out of the way, as this version can kill you with but a few hits. Defeating the Dark Alpha Splinter reveals a curious new item. Approach it and it will swirl around in the air before crashing directly into you. After you regain control, head forward to the blue door to enter the Controller Transport to reach the Main Energy Con- troller above you. Approaching it will trigger the next cutscene where you are introduced to the last Sentinel of the Lum- inoth race, U-Mos.

U-Mos will relate to you the tale of the great war going on, and through the use of nifty hand-generated holograms, show you a Phazon meteor smashing into Aether that created a dark twin copy, as well as the Ing race that the impact spawned. After telling his story, U-Mos will beg your assistance, since you have unwittingly recovered their stolen Energy Transfer Module. With it, U- Mos says, you can venture into Dark Aether and take the energy from their temples and restore it to Light Aether.

Since you have nothing better do do anyway, and since there's an evil version of you running around and a race of giant spiders that stole your gear, why not? Locate pathway to Agon Wastes. Supplies: Energy Tank x1 4. Ammunition: Missile Expansion x1 5. Head through the blue door and go down the tunnel use the Morph Ball to roll for a faster trip , and go through the next blue door.

When you've scanned it, hop onto the hologram and take the transport down to the Agon Wastes. You will infiltrate the Space Pirate facilities and have your first run-ins with the dreaded Ing Horde as you attempt to claim Dark Agon's energy. From this point forward, the walkthrough will sub-divide into smaller sections based on item acquisition. Conduct initial reconnaissance of Agon Wastes. Upgrades: Morph Ball Bomb 2.

You can easily defeat these by firing charged shots at them, but it's not worth the time. Bypass it and run across the desert, then fire a Missile at the red shield to access Save Station A so you can save your progress. In here, you can also scan for the Sandbats if you didn't get them earlier. Return to the Mining Plaza and start making your way up the platforms lining the back of the area.

Along the way, you'll have to fire Missiles at the Brin- stone columns to collapse them. The fallen columns will create bridges across the area that you can use to travel. Work your way around to the very top of the area and take the bridge to the blue door leading to Mining Station Access. Roll through the Morph Ball tunnel to reach the door lead- ing into the expansive Mining Station A, where you'll meet some of your old "friends". Walk into the area and you'll alert some pesky Space Pirates hanging out in the area. Once they've been eliminated, scan around on an upper ledge to capture a scan of a ["BRIZGEE"], then flip to your Map and find where the red door is in the room.

Make your way there using the ledges in the room, and head into Temple Access. Head through the next door to reach the Agon Temple. There aren't any doors for you to access yet, so just head on into the middle of the arena to take on another Alpha-type creature. After popping off a few shots at it, dark energy will swarm and transform this into another mini-boss. This battle is pretty easy; read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for eliminating this Sub-Guardian.

This sub-boss can be incredibly easy to defeat if you know precisely what to do. You'll first lock onto the head; this isn't what you want, so quickly strafe dash around until you get a lock on its tail. Fire charged Power Beam shots at it while avoiding the Bombs it deposits around the playing field, and stop when you stun the creature. Quickly switch locks to its head and fire a regular Power Beam shot, two half-charged shots when you barely see energy charging in your Arm Cannon , then a fully-charged shot. I'm not sure how it works, but the damage detection on this particular sub-guardian is pretty odd.

Take advantage of it while you can. After the Bomb Guardian recovers, repeat the strategy over again and finish it off. During this fight, you will want to avoid being in front of the Bomb Guardian if it hasn't been stunned, because it will execute a very quick charging attack at you. Stay behind it and when it's stunned, attack it from the side so that it can't "see" you for an easier victory.

Make sure you get that fully- charged shot in, otherwise the Bomb Guardian will rear up and literally spew Morph Ball Bombs all over the arena. Grab the item and use them to blast the Talloric Alloy gate out of the way so you can reach the door at the end of the room that leads to the Agon Energy Controller. Locate portal to Dark Aether. Modules: Amber Translator Module 3. Lore: Saving Aether, Light of Aether 4. This will activate a device that rotates the walls and takes you to the Agon Energy Controller.

Enter the area and you'll find a dead Luminoth and a glowing hologram. Scan the hologram to activate a recording where the dead Luminoth Sentinel tells you of the nearby portal to Dark Aether, and how you must recover three keys to access its Dark Temple in order to reclaim Agon's energy. Now the Temple has some War Wasps in here, but you can easily evade them by heading straight across to the blue door. Don't explore the other sides yet, because you don't have the Dark or Light Beams to access the two other pathways.

Exit the Temple and return back to Mining Station A. Make your way up the ledges and go through the blue door that you didn't go through earlier. This will take you into a small room with a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Head through the next door to reach Portal Terminal, where you'll fight some more Space Pirates. These are a bit tougher than regular Pirate Troopers, so utilize effective cover while taking them out. Defeating them will activate a Bomb Slot at the far end of the room. It doesn't have any power yet, so you need to Bomb Jump into the Bomb Slot so you can turn the power on.

This will in turn cause conveyor belts on the walls to start moving. There is a slightly faster method to accomplishing your next task, but it involves jumping from a platform at the Morph Ball Tunnel and mid-air morphing to fall into it. It's a bit tricky, but doable after some practice. If you want to do this the normal way, use the Morph Ball to ride the conveyor belts to reach the Morph Ball Tunnel, then navigate the maze and use Bombs to get the debris out of the way.

As you navigate the tunnel, you have to activate platforms as you go. This will cause some War Wasps to come out as well, but you can keep moving to avoid them.

Emily's Destiny

Moving all of the platforms into place causes sunlight to stream through the lenses into the portal. Do this for the other side of the wall as well, and once both lenses have been activated, the portal to Dark Aether will activate. Fall out of the tunnel and head inside the portal to reach this dark area.

Conduct reconnaissance of Dark Aether and recover the Space Jump. Upgrades: Space Jump Boots 2. You'll find for the first time that Dark Aether is like a mirror of Light Aether, as many rooms between the worlds are more or less identical save for certain terrain features. As you look around, you'll see half-spheres of light and sparkling balls hanging in the air. Light Zones are permanent, and Light Beac- ons are temporary and have to be charged with Beam weapons.

At this stage of the game, Dark Aether's atmosphere will drain your health very quickly, so you need to move from safe zone to safe zone to recover lost health. As you look out across this area, you'll see two pathways off to the left and the right, just like in Light Aether.

Take the easier left-hand path for more Log Book entries, but if you want, you can take a quick detour on the right-hand path to grab an item upgrade a little bit earlier. You have to be pretty proficient with Double Bomb Jump-Morph techniques and basic Ghetto Jumping techniques to pull it off, though. Head through Portal Site and veer off to the right. Shoot the Light Beacon above the path to the right-hand side to give yourself a safe zone, and position yourself in Morph Ball form just below the rocks. Execute a Double Bomb Jump and unmorph at the peak of the jump while holding forward on the Control Stick and you should barely balance on the ledge above you.

Continue on through this short area to reach the next room - you need to be fast with this as there are very few safe zones. Look to your left to see a Bladepod and Ghetto Jump against the wall to land on top of it. Now look to the ledge in front of you, and L-Lock Spring Jump to land on it.

Keep running to the next door and you'll reach Judgment Pit. Move to the left to the find a safe zone and look out across the expansive room. Now, remember that this is the Dark Aether version of Mining Station A, so figure where the Luminoth statue would be in that world and you'll have the approxi- mate location of where the as yet-unformed Jump Guardian is. Fire until your shots stop bouncing off the ground and the walls and you will have the precise location you need. The idea here is that you can damage the Jump Guardian even though a he's not there, and b the fight hasn't started.

Fire 25 fully-charged blasts, then jump down into the room to "trigger" the fight. When the Jump Guardian actually spawns, it will only have enough health left that you can kill it with one charged blast. Scan it before killing it, then collect the Space Jump Boots and return the way you came back to Portal Site.

Before leaving Dark Aether, make a quick run along the normal path to get the remaining Log Book and activate the Bomb Slot. The gate in front of you will lower and allow you to proceed into the next area. In this next room is a safe zone and some black puddles moving about on the floor. Once you enter the first safe zone, you'll encounter a large Ing that looks like the ones who stole your gear at the beginning. The Warrior Ing is very common in Dark Aether but won't take much to defeat. Its primary attacks are generating dimensional lasers that you can strafe from or trying to melee attack you with its legs.

Fire upon it as quickly as you can to defeat it and track it when it dissolves into a puddle form. The Warrior Ing can't enter the safe zone, but it will get as close as it possibly can. Eliminate it, and start making your way up the ledges around the room.

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Follow it as it walks up the path so you can stay safe and recover energy while you reach the next safe zone. Follow it to another Lightbringer, and take this path to a blue door at the end. Getting to this room via the small sequence break described above lets you fire upon the Jump Guardian before the battle begins, making the actual fight much easier. Otherwise you have to deal with its normal complement of attacks. If you're doing this the normal way, you'll have to contend with the normal Warrior Ing attacks, plus watch out for its incredibly agile leaping pow- ers it did steal the Space Jump, after all.

Fire Missiles or charged shots at its eye and stop if the eye glows blue because it's about to Space Jump. Follow where it goes and rapid-fire the Power Beam. Strafe about to avoid its dimensional lasers and keep moving about the safe zone to try and avoid its melee attacks. If it jumps and lands again on the ground, jump to avoid its Wave Quake attack.

Keep firing upon it and it will eventually die. Keep in mind that if you forget to scan it, you can do so immediately after the final hit, since it takes about six or seven seconds to actually "die". This in of itself wastes all the time that you would've saved by coming here faster, but whatever. It keeps you from having to fight a very agile mini-boss. The battle is exactly the same, although as you whittle the Jump Guardian's health down it will leap around a lot more and try to attack you with more melee attacks. Watch out for its Wave Quake attack and you shouldn't have too many problems.

Now that you have your trusty double jump back, you can start really reaching some more areas. Use your new item to exit out of the room via the lower blue door don't bother with the red door just yet , and return to Portal Site. If you used the sequence break to get the jump on the Jump Guardian, remember that you still have to access the Bomb Slot to your right and go through the next two rooms to get the Inglet, Nightbarb, Warrior Ing, and Lightbringer scans.

Once you're done and back in Portal Site to exit, some Dark Troopers will show up to mess with your day. Enter the now-active portal to return to the safety of Light Aether. Investigate Space Pirate facilities. Upgrades: Dark Beam 2. Supplies: Energy Tank x2 4. Ammunition: Missile Expansion x3 5. Lore: Paradise, Cataclysm 4. Take them out and head to the left-hand side of the room where the transparent Bomb Slot is.

Just like in Dark Aether, a gate has now been lowered, and you have a new path to take. Head into the next room to reach an upper area of Save Station A where you'll find a strange plant on the ground. Head through here and you'll find more Pi- rate Troopers next to some containers holding Phazon. You know from your last adventure that Phazon is very volatile, so take this to heart and blast the containers to annihilate the Phazon and the Pirate Troopers.

Con- tinue through the rest of this area to reach the Central Mining Station, a large open area with with Pirate Troopers, doors, and some large turrets. Here is your opportunity for another extremely out-of-sequence item acquis- ition although it doesn't do you much good at the moment. While it does you no good at the moment, you will be able to carry units instead of 50 once you acquire the first Beam. To do this, enter Central Mining Station and take out the waves of Space Pirates that attack except for the last one you need the two Turrets in place.

If you destroy them, you have to backtrack two room so the Turrets will respawn. Now go to one of the turrets and look for slightly-slanted ledges next to the structures that house the turrets. Ghetto Jump against them until you can hop on top of it, then Space Jump up to reach the ledge above you. Hop into one of the turrets and use it to blast away the Space Pirate generators in the room. Destroying the one next to the back-left wall will ex- pose an area behind the rock where the Space Pirates were working.

Hop down and use the Skiff knocked loose from the wall as a perch, then Space Jump to reach this area. Eliminate the Pirates and you will be able to bypass the shielded area via a small Morph Ball Tunnel in the wall. Head through here to claim the Beam Ammo Expan- sion like normal.

Alternatively, you can Ghetto Jump from slants near the entrance and use the terrain of the room to get to a set of computer terminals to reach the Morph Ball Tunnel, but this is generally a bit more diff- icult. The easiest method is the one outlined first. Enter the area and you will have to deal with a few waves of Pirate Troopers. Eliminate the turrets and all of the Pirates to eliminate a set of lasers that block the lower door off. Enter the door to reach an empty room, and use Bombs to break through parts of the floor to reach a Morph Ball Tunnel.

Take this tunnel and you'll end up in the Command Center where you have an electrical maze, a Dark Portal, and multiple Pirate Troopers. Return to the rest of the tunnel and navigate your way to the exit near the upper-right corner. Your arrival out of the maze will alert the Pirate Troopers left in the room. Read all of the information about the Space Pirate operation, then head to the elevator to the right of the portal to reach the upper area of the room.

Take out the Pirate Troopers as you come across them, then go through the next door to find Dark Samus once again. She is in another area that you can't reach, so wait her out and then continue along your way. Take the tunnel to your right to reach the large chamber at the top of the Command Center. Scan the terminals in here to unlock the large gate, then return back to the main area of the Command Center.

Take them out with char- ged shots, then use the Morph Ball to get past the moving laser puzzle. The next room will be the Biostorage Area, and you'll have your first run- in with the Metroids that the Space Pirates managed to take from Tallon IV before they escaped. Like the first time you found them in the last game, they won't break out of tanks in here, so you needn't worry. Continue along your path into the next area, take out another Humility Class Turret, and use the Bomb Slot nearby to rotate a set of metal bars that block access to another door.

Enter this door to reach Bioenergy Production, where you'll meet another group of specialized Space Pirates. Get out of the way because they will try suicide moves when defeated. Afterwards, a set of controls will turn on, and you'll have to solve a small, but irritating, puzzle. There are three sets of terminals and three sets of movable platforms in this room. You have panels and controls to use to move them. The end goal is to arrange the platforms so you can a reach an Energy Tank at one end, and b reach the exit at the other end.

Start off going for the Energy Tank - scan the panel on the left to lower a platform; scan the one on the right to raise a platform. Lower one platform on the left, two in the middle, and then lower all three on the right. Jump down and reverse the entire sequence to reach the door on the other side.

Once you've completed this bout of irritation, make your way through the door and into a small Morph Ball maze. Go slowly through the lasers so you don't get hit until you reach the end. There is a Save Station nearby that you might want to use. Head into the next room, Sand Processing, and take out the two Turrets on the ceiling. Fire a Missile at the sloped wall on the far left to expose a new path, then take this to reach the Main Reactor.

There is a lot of Phazon in here along with some music that tells you something big is about to happen, so just get it over with and drop down to the lower levels of the Main Reactor. She has a limited number of attacks at this point, and you have more than enough room to maneuver. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for eliminating her. Dark Samus can effortlessly break your lock-on, so don't get frustrated.

In this battle, using the Radar can really help in locating where Dark Samus is if you can't see her. Dark Samus has a limited repertoire of attacks at this point in the game. Early on, she'll use a Phazon spread that is pretty easy to avoid, or she'll create a Phazon shield that damages you if you're near her. As the battle progresses, she'll start attacking the pillars in the room trying to destroy them - just run away if she starts directly attacking one of them.

Keep your Charge Beam active so you can fire off shots when you have the opportunity - after you've taken off a significant amount of her health, a cutscene will take place where she powers up with Phazon energy. Charged shots seem to do less damage, so rapid-firing the Power Beam works best for quick and easy damage.

She also gains a Shinespark-ish move where she hurls herself at you with fer- ocious speed. Stay away from her except to attack, and you'll take her down with minimal effort. She is a bit faster and attacks more freq- uently, but the main idea is still the same. Stay away from her and keep your finger near the L Button to reacquire your lock-on when she starts dashing. Using the Morph Ball to get away from her rocketing attack also seems to work fairly well. Keep attacking while effectively dodging to make this fight easier. Defeating Dark Samus causes her to destabilize.

After this is over, you can use an elevator in the corner of the room and you can reach the upper levels of the Reactor Core. Remember, this weapon operates on an Ammo system, so don't go firing it wildly. If you got that Early Beam Ammo Exp- ansion, you'll have units instead of 50, giving you a slight edge. Now use your new Beam to return to the Reactor Core. Logs: None 2. Data: Federation Attack 3. Shoot this crystal to cover it with dark energy, which will open the gate. Taking this path will take you to the other side of Security Station B.

Open the two gates in this room so you can get back to Command Center and take out the Space Pirates. Once they're gone, head through into Biostorage Station where the Metroids will break out of their storage tanks. Continue reconnaissance of Dark Aether. Upgrades: Light Beam 2. This room has plenty of enemies you've encountered already, but there is a new scan to get. Along the way, you will find a safe zone that has been disabled because the crystal is covered in dark energy. Restore it to its normal state using the Power Beam and you can use it to recover energy.

Make your way to the Luminoth statue on the nearby ledge and fire a Missile at it to destroy it. Don't take the door right behind the key's location yet; instead follow the ledges around to another black door. There is a Warrior Ing in the next room, so kill it quickly and move onto Dark Oasis. There is a white door in here that you can't use yet since you haven't found the Light Beam. Instead, ignore the doors on the sides here and proceed into the next room you can reach. This room has a few more Lift Crystals that you need to use to reach the top area where the exit door is.

Bomb Jump over the small gap so you don't hit the Phazon, and continue on into Phazon Site. This large room has multiple floating platforms and a few doors. The exit out of this room requires you to scan three consoles to unlock a door. Scan the first one by heading across the ground level and destroying the crates stacked against a wall. Ascend the ledges in the room and you'll find the second one along the side wall.

Finally, use the moving platforms to ride to a small alcove where you'll find the third one. The unlocked door leads into Watering Hole, where you will find a large pool of Dark Water that you want to avoid. Use the platforms along the walls to navigate, but stop and scan an ["INGCLAW"] from a distance, then move quickly past them so you don't take a lot of damage from the toxic gas.

Lumites also occupy this room, but if you keep moving, you shouldn't get hurt too much. Exit this room on the opposite side and you'll reach the Feeding Pit. This room will trade Lumites for Nightbarbs, but is also filled with pillars that you need to raise and lower to move on.

Make your way around the room to the final pillar, then use the handy Lock-On Ladder Jump by locking onto the Lift Crystal, then jump towards it. Use your Space Jump after the lock gives you a quick boost and you should make it on top of the pillar without having to lower it. From here on out, remember that if you destroy creatures with the Light Beam, you get Dark Ammo and vice-versa. Exit this room back to the Feeding Pit to find numerous Lumites flying around.

Stop at the first Light Crystal you see and fire the Light Beam at it to energize it. Use the Light Beam to open the white door that leads to a small passage blocked by spidery- looking Ing. This will take you back to Doomed Entry; ascend the ledges to where you got the first Dark Agon Temple Key and head into the black door you bypassed earlier. You'll have to fight through some Dark Splinters in the next hallway, but if you move quickly, you won't take that much damage.

Ahead lies the Battleground, where you'll find another key, but five Warrior Ing decide they don't want you to have it and they'll hide it. This begins a short mini-boss fight. Five Warrior Ing will take you on all at one time, but now you have the powerful Light Beam to help you out.

This battle is the same for Normal and Hard Mode with the sole exception of damage ratios, so one strategy is provided. After you do, turn to the battle at hand. All five Warrior Ing will att- ack at the same time; employ the same tactic you used in the first game's Hive Mecha fight by constantly spinning around while targeting the near- est threat. Fire the charged Light Beam when you lock onto a Warrior Ing as this will immediately kill it, and use your charge to tractor in any ammo refills it leaves behind. Do the same for the Bladepods in the room if you get low.

Keep firing for all five of the Warrior Ing and you'll quickly beat them. Now that you have two of the three, take the lower path out of this room to reach an area full of lashing tentacles. Return through here back to Doomed Entry and take the black door at the top into Dark Oasis. Since you now you have the Light Beam and can open white doors, take the white door in here to find an Ammo Station.

After you leave, head to the end of this area and you'll find a Light Portal that you can use to return to Light Aether's Reactor Core. Data: Two Hunters 3. Lore: J-Stl's Testament 4. If, however, you used the sequence break from earlier to get the Beam Ammo Expansion, you don't need to do this step. If you didn't get it, follow along. You'll emerge on the same level as the Vigilance Class Turr- ets.

This time around, you can man them and fire at the large Space Pirate generators in the room.

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After destroying the, hop down and head for the back-left wall where you just exposed a Space Pirate computer room. Take cover near the entrance and pick them off to avoid their suicide dives, and return to Agon Temple. Once in the Temple, go to the left and enter the black door to reach Mine Shaft.

This Morph Ball maze leads nowhere if you go to the bottom, but for now, roll through it until you see an opening in the ceiling. Be wary of the Pillbugs rolling around here as you use a series of regular and Double Bomb Jumps to navigate the upper part of this maze. Near the end, after the breakable blocks, hold left on the Control Stick to enter a hidden passage where you have to execute more Bomb Jumps. Upgrades: Dark Suit 2. Head into the left-hand path and take it to Duelling Range, where you first fought a Warrior Ing.

Now you have only one Dark Temple Key left to collect. Now that you have found all three keys, you can move to the red swirling light in front of the gateway to the Dark Temple. Open the gate and jump down to the nearby Safe Zone to see a large darksphere in front of you. As you approach it, worms will leap out of the ground, and the first major boss fight will be- gin. This is a hive-mind group of worms that can attack one at a time or in groups before mounting a combined assault from its central darksphere.

Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for taking this boss out. During the first phase, you will fight a single Amorbis as it leaps around its lair. You have to do it while the worm is just leaping out of the ground and follow its trajectory. Where Amorbis comes out of the ground is a bit random, but know that if you see dirt shaking nearby, you need to move out of the way. When you get a lock on its head, rapid- fire the Power Beam, use Missiles, or the charged Light Beam for much quicker damage.

This will break part of Amorbis' armor off and force it into its second phase where it attaches to the central darksphere. The armor will break off, the worm will screech, and it will begin a suction-like attack. As counterintuitive as this sounds, morph into a ball and let it suck you up, then detonate a Morph Ball Bomb while you're in its belly to get out and inflict significant damage.

Now, the fight will go back into its first phase, but you'll have two Amorbis to deal with. Repeat the same exact strategy as before, detonating Bombs in each of the worm's bellies to reach the third phase where - you guessed it - you tackle all three Amorbis. If you keep up the attack, you'll keep Amorbis from using a spinning laser attack that takes up a lot of time and keeps you on your toes.

Also keep in mind that Amorbis can spit dark globules and take out your safe zone - if this happens, quickly fire at the crystal with the Power or Light Beam to re-energize it. Simply take out all three worms when they are attached to the darksphere to win this battle. The phases remain the same, al- though Amorbis takes a larger beating and attacks more frequently. Keep a close eye on your safe zone because you'll probably have to restore it once or twice. Space Jump over the rotating laser attack it uses in its darksphere phase, and use the same steps as in Normal Mode to eliminate this boss.

This item drastically reduces the damage you take in Dark Aether, taking your energy away at a rate pro- portional to how quickly you gain it back when in a safe zone approximate- ly one unit per second , and halves the amount of damage you receive from enemy attacks. This alone lets you survive longer and longer between safe zones. Once the cinematic is done, you have two options: recover Dark Agon Wastes' energy and return it to its Energy Controller, or simply leave. Collecting the energy isn't actually required, although not collecting Dark Agon's prevents sonic emitters from appearing later in the game in the Min- ing Plaza and preventing you from getting an Energy Tank.

To exit Dark Agon Temple without collecting the energy, go back to the entry point and nullify the Light Crystal. This gives you something of a platform to stand on, at which point you can just Space Jump to the ring above you and exit. But if you're going the regular way, head through the door that is accessible to you to find the Dark Agon Energy Controller.

Activate the Bomb Slot to reach the next area, then approach the large ball of red energy. A cutscene will take over whereby you absorb Dark Agon's energy into your Energy Transfer Module, then you will regain control and you can leave. In Portal Site you'll have to deal with three Dark Pirate Troopers, but again, you can just ig- nore these because you can move faster than they can. Activate the portal and return to Light Aether.

Return energy to Agon Temple. The Luminoth Sentinel will thank you for restoring the energy and direct you to the Torvus Bog. Backtrack the same way you initially came, back to the Main Plaza to the Transport to Temple Grounds. Return to the Great Temple for your next mission. You don't want to hit the Great Tem- ple just yet, though.

First, head back towards the Landing Site, this time scanning the Luminoth Hologram that accesses a new part of the Hive Cham- ber areas. As you reach another pit, jump down and another Dark Trooper battle will begin. Now head through the remainder of the Hive Chamber rooms, ignoring all enemies or Dark Troopers as you come across them until you get back to Hive Chamber B where you found the first Dark Portal.

The only place left to go to now is the Temple Assembly Site. As you enter this room, look to the right for a small block. Space Jump on top of this, then jump again to reach the nearby ledge with two crates. Now you can take the elevator nearby that leads up to the Great Temple. See U-Mos for further mission data. Take the elevator up to the Main Energy Controller and speak to U-Mos for your next mission directive.

He thanks you for returning Agon Wastes' energy, but warns that the Ing will now be seeking revenge for your actions. He also informs you that he has monitored an increase in Ing activity in the Torvus Bog area, so that is where you ned to go next. Once you're finished with U-Mos, take the ele- vator back down to the Temple Sanctuary and scan the Amber Hologram that leads to another Transport Access. It acts the same as its earlier version by hurtling at you if your Beam is charged, so ignore it for now and make your way to the Transport leading back down to the Temple Grounds.

Locate pathway to Torvus Bog. In front of you is a large half-pipe with several War Wasps. Run past them and bypass the green door since you can't open it to reach Hall of Eyes. You can't get out of this room because of another green door, but there is a Dark Portal that you can use to reach Dark Aether. However, you can't venture to the Sky Temple yet. For now, head through the blue door to reach Abandoned Base. This is a very large room with very few safe zones, but even with the Dark Suit, you still need to be careful. There are plenty of Inglets about as well as a few Ingclaws.

At the end of this room, you'll run into a dead end. There is a platform here that you can activate by using four Bomb Slots. The problem is that walls come down after each Slot activation that can block your path. Start off with your back to the platform and bypass the first Bomb Slot. Activate the others as you go in a circle and finally activate the first one last to solve the puzzle and unlock the platform. Jump on it now and recover energy in the safe zone as it moves through the room. Fire the Power Beam at the oncoming swarms of Nightbarbs until you reach the end, where you'll find a Light Portal above you.

Open it and return to Light Aether. Head through here and take out the Space Pirates that come out to attack as you come across them. At the end of this area, you'll find a series of dark crystals. Use the Light Beam on them to move them into positions so you can advance. The last one requires you to use a platform suspended over some water in order to reach it. Activate it like you have the others and you'll reach a continuation of the path with some War Wasps. Take them out and advance to the next door that leads to the Transport to Torvus Bog.

You will take on stronger Ing during this section and accumulate a number of upgrades as you go back and forth out of this region. Conduct initial reconnaissance of Torvus Bog. Lore: S-Dly's Testament 4. For now, your ex- ploration of this region will be somewhat limited to just the upper section of the Bog. Start off heading across the first room and you'll find a Save Station to your left. In front of you, there is a lake with a suspended metallic bridge that connects two tunnels. At this point, you can try to Space Jump to the metal bridge, but you can't explore any further, so drop below and head underwater.

Remember that like all Metroid games, underwater exploration is limited until you have a specific upgrade, so for now your movement will be sluggish and your visibility significantly re- duced. Head to the left and go through the black door to reach the Path of Roots; in here you'll find another creature to scan - get the ["HYDLING"] entry and move on through the tunnel to get out of the water.

Through the next door is Great Bridge, an aptly-named room because there is a gigantic bridge leading into a large building. As you cross the area, new enemies will burst through the ground - quickly scan one to get the ["SHRIEKER"] entry, then fire at them rapidly to take them out.

Once you eliminate all of them, the doors will unlock and you can make your way across the room. There is a Missile Expansion here, but you can't get it yet. Instead, head into the next area, and you'll wind up back in Torvus Lagoon, but on the other side of the gate.

Scan the control panel to lower the gate and extend the walkway so that both sides are now open. You can now access the white door on the right-hand side that leads through Ruined Alcove into Forgotten Bridge. Immediately after entering, you'll be attacked by two snarling beasts. Lock on and strafe around so you're behind it, and shatter its protective shell with a few Missiles, then attack the soft fleshy part to kill the beast. Take both of these enemies out while watching out for their biting attacks, you can reach the large bridge that crosses the room.

You'll see a Missile Expansion off in the distance, but there's no way to get it just yet. For now, follow the bridge to a Dark Portal and activate it to have your first experience with the dark counterpart of this area. Conduct initial reconnaissance of Dark Torvus Bog. Locate the Torvus Temple area. Upgrades: Super Missile 2. Modules: Emerald Translator Module 3. Lore: Dark Aether 4. But right afterwards, Space Pirates appear in the area. These are nearly impossible to defeat at this point because they are like the Chozo Ghosts in that they appear, attack, then disappear, but more rapidly.

These Ing-possessed Pirates have dark energy shots and EMP grenades that can quickly eat away at your energy, so hide somewhere and wait for them to get bored and leave. This area requires you to use the Morph Ball to get through, but first target the plant on the wall. Scan it for the ["SPORB"] entry, thn fire a Missile or the Light Beam at it to get rid of it; otherwise it will grab you from out of the tunnel while you roll through it.

Make it to the end and go through the white door to reach the upper section of Great Bridge. Scan the nearby panel to activate a Kinetic Orb Cannon and use it to launch you across to the bridge. Cross the bridge and use the Morph Ball tunnel to reach a black door leading to a hallway in Temple Access. Now return to the top level of Great Bridge and return via the black door. This time go through the entire tunnel and take it to reach Torvus Temple.

As you enter the large area, a Pirate Skiff will appear this is your second and last opportunity to scan it if you didn't get the one in Central Mining Station earlier! The Skiff will proceed to drop off three waves of Space Pirates, including regular Troopers and Aerotroopers. Defeat them with the charged Dark Beam and use the crates around you if you need refills. Now that you have this, you can open any green doors you see in the environment.

Take the item and use the small platform to ride to the top of the area. Open the green door and head into the Torvus Energy Controller. Once you activate the Bomb Slot, you'll end up in an area like in Agon Wastes, with a dead Luminoth and a console. Scan the panel to hear from the deceased Sentinel about how the Ing took over Torvus. He will warn you of the dangers to come, and how the water of the dark world is poisonous.

Leave the Energy Controller and return to Torvus Temple. Investigate branching pathways from the Temple. Lore: Our War Begins 4. In the middle of the room is an Emerald Hologram; scan it to lower a small transport down to the basement. Here you have a set of four pathways that lead to different areas. There is a green door that leads back through Temple Access to Great Bridge, an Emerald Hologram that leads to a new area of Torvus Bog, a blue door inside of a Morph Ball Tunnel that will take you to the Underground Transport and down to the subterranean levels , and a purple door that you can't yet access will reveal a Trans- port back to Agon Wastes.

Once you have it, return to the Temple and go back to the lower area with the branching paths. As you enter this room, a Grenchler will charge down the pathway. This is a bit difficult due to the cramped quarters, but try to get behind it to take it down. Go down the tunnel towards the next door and you'll find two Sporbs; eliminate them with the Light Beam and head towards the next area.

Once you've gotten it, take the door to reach Torvus Grove. These are like the dark versions you faced in Forgotten Bridge, except they a don't have the ability to teleport and b they won't disappear, so you have to defeat them. Freeze them with a charged Dark Beam and shatter them with a Missile to end the fight and unlock the door. This door leads to the Meditation Vista, but dead ends because of the expansive gap. For now, use the Dark Portal to travel to Dark Aether.

Upgrades: Boost Ball 2. Scan one for the Log Book, then attack them with charged Light Beam shots when they are solid and do your best to avoid the incredible reach of the tentacles. These Ing will follow you no matter where you go, so try to eliminate them quickly. Once you have defeated the Hunter Ing, you can use a set of plat- forms on the trees to reach a black door leading to Dark Falls.

In here is a Save Station that you may want to use. Travel through this room to reach Dark Forgotten Bridge, although you'll be in a separate area from the rest of the room.

Take out the two Lightflyers in here and enter the door at the end to reach the Dark Arena Tunnel. As you look down, a gigantic Warr- ior Ing will shriek and transform into a black ball and shoot through a Morph Ball Tunnel. Looks like you've found the Ing who mugged you for the Boost Ball. Head down to the Arena and stand in a safe zone until your energy is full, then roll through the tunnel after the Ing to begin the next mini-boss battle.

This battle is easily one of the most irritating in the whole game, probably due to the fact that there is not one single safe zone in this entire fight. The Boost Guardian starts off in his solid phase, but won't remain like it for long. If you can get more than one shot in, excellent. Shortly after this, the Boost Guardian will dissolve and start moving about the floor.

Use the Morph Ball here and try to follow it around, setting Morph Ball Bombs to damage both the Guardian and to de- stroy any of the Inglets that pop up. Destroy these quickly so you have less threats to worry about, and tractor in any refills left behind. Eventually, the Boost Guardian will assume its own Morph Ball form and start rocketing around the room - you cannot damage it during this phase, so your best bet is to Space Jump atop the pillars so it can't run into you.

As the pillars are destroyed, charge up because they leave behind Ultra Energy units worth a full Energy Tank which you definitely will need. Keep striking the Boost Guardian when you can to force it back into its Warrior Ing form and resume firing with the Light Beam. About six charged shots will finally bring it down.

I feel that I should point out for the record, and for the sake of all that is amusing in this world, that using some extremely off-the-wall sequence breaking to get the Screw Attack without the Boost Ball can net you an early Power Bomb Expansion, which will kill the Boost Guardian in one hit. It's quite funny to watch, really. Not only are you taking damage faster in Dark Aether than you would in Normal Mode, and not only are there Inglets constantly popping up to fire at you, but the Boost Guardian itself is an unforgiving, unholy amalgation of everything that can be called evil.

Expect to lose at least two of your Energy Tanks in the first phase before you even get a chance to counterattack. You need to make sure every single shot counts. For this fight, I would recommend staying out of Morph Ball form when the Guardian is moving about in its "dissolved" state; instead jump around while manually aiming to fire some Light Beam shots at it since you can't lock on. You simply take too much damage from contact with the puddle form to make setting Morph Ball Bombs very viable. Make sure to grab the energy refills whenever you get the opportunity, and just try to keep inflicting as much damage as you poss- ibly can per round to eventually hopefully win.

Although it should be said that the cruelest fate this game can inflict on you at this point is a victory over the Boost Guardian, only to have your energy run out during its incredibly lengthy death animation Now you can charge speed boosts again and navigate half-pipes. Quickly collect all of the energy refills you can, then return through the small tunnel to the large open area of Dark Torvus Arena.

Use the Boost Ball to reach the top to find a walkway that runs along the top of the room. Take them around to the black door and enter Grove Access. In here you'll find small creatures crawling on the floors and walls. This door leads you to the in- side of a metal tunnel where you will find a device that you can use the Boost Ball in. There is a red door that leads into Plaza Access, which is a room with various tunn- els.

When you reach the red tunnel, you need to use Bomb Jumps to navigate your way to two Bomb Slots. Activate each so you can access a new part of the area, and use another Bomb Jump to reach the tunnel atop the second ledge. There is nothing you can access yet in Torvus Plaza, so return to Forgotten Bridge and go to the Dark Portal underneath the gate you opened a moment ago. Hop up to the bridge and use a Super Missile to open the gree door that leads into the Brooding Ground.

You'll find a Light Lift Crystal in here that you need to shoot it with the Light Beam to make it rise so that you can reach an upper ledge. Jump to the ledge and then drop down to reach a door leading to Ven- omous Pond. Once you reach this area, you will see the second Dark Torvus Temple Key high on a ledge.

First, though, you'll have to tangle with a Hunter Ing. Wait until it is hovering close to the Light Lift Crystal in the middle of the Dark Water, then energize the crystal with the Light Beam to kill or at least severely damage the Hunter Ing. Once it's gone, head through the red door to reach a Save Station. At this point, this walk- through will assume that you are going to utilize the sequence break below for the second Dark Temple Key. Although once you have the Grapple Beam, you will be returning to this room anyway as you head for the Dark Temple, so being unable to get this item now really won't affect your game in any way.

From the Save Station door, look down and just to the right to see some Ingsphere Caches. You can jump on top of these to reach the tallest one. The spot you have to stand on is very, very small, so you might have a bit of trouble actually reaching it unless you try a Ghetto Jump. Once you manage to balance on it, look up to the left towards the Dark Temple Key.

Just at the edge of the platform is a small part that is a bit lower than the rest of it. Lock your view on this, then make a long L-Lock Spring Space Jump like leaping off the rock spire in the first game's Geo- thermal Core for early acquisition of the Plasma Beam towards the small lowered part. Release L at the peak of your second jump to give yourself a bit of a bounce, and you should just barely catch the edge of the platform. Ordinarily this would be most helpful if you intended on skipping the Grapple Beam item, but it never hurts to try and grab things early when you can.

There are two paths to take here since you obviously won't be able to access the actual Temple just yet. Grab it, then backtrack to Venomous Pond and take the black door to reach Portal Chamber. This is nearly identical to the room of the same name in Light Aether, with the exception that you can reach a Light Portal here.

Navigate the Morph Ball section, then use a series of platforms to reach another tunnel that leads to the portal. However, if you do this now, you will be blocked by a purple door that you can't open or a blue door that leads to Hydrodynamo Station, which in turn leads to another purple door. Since you need to get the item that allows you to first open these purple doors, take the white door to Ruined Alcove and return to Torvus Lagoon. Locate specialized Luminoth Missile technology.

Upgrades: Seeker Missile Launcher 2. Take the Morph Ball Tunnel down to a section of crumbling blocks and get across them with the Boost Ball. Follow this path through a new part of Temple Transport C along with a few other areas before finally rolling over the purple door the kind you couldn't open in Hydrodynamo Station. This circuitous path takes you to the lowest levels of the Great Temple, to an area called the Hall of Honored Dead.

This room is filled with large statues of Luminoth war heroes along with a floor-based concentric ring puzzle and four Spinners. To solve this puzzle, you need to use the Spinn- ers to rotate sections of the floor. Each Spinner controls two sections of the ring, but there are five rings to manipulate. This causes the outermost ring to rise up and the Luminoth statues will focus lasers on the cage in the center of the room. When this happens, move the targeting reticle over up to five points to simultaneously launch a Missile spread that will "seek" towards the highlighted points.

The Seeker Missiles also open purple doors, which you'll have to do in order to exit this area. Target the five points on the door and fire the Seeker Missiles to open it, then head back out of the Hall of Honored Dead via a new route. Return to Torvus Bog. Lore: M-Dhe's Testament 4.

There is a Morph Ball Tunnel that leads back to Meeting Grounds via Service Access, but you can also head to the blue door to access the Landing Site on an upper ledge that you couldn't reach before. Keep in mind that this is the last chance you will have to scan your ship for its Log Book entry; once you return back to Torvus Bog and acquire the Dark Visor, scanning your ship will only tell you the repair status.

Once you have finished, hop back to the ledge you came from either by Space Jumping off your ship or using the moveable ledge below it, and go through Service Access to Meeting Grounds.

Ocean of Grief - Eyes of Oblivion (official track)

Enter the elevator in the middle to travel to the lower level, and locate the purple door. Take out the five sub-locks with the Seeker Missiles and enter the next area to reach a Transport to Agon Wastes. Use the Seeker Missiles to open the door and you'll find yourself high on the ledge. Across from you is a Dark Portal that you need to reach, and below you is a half-pipe that you can use the Boost Ball in. Accelerate until you have enough speed to reach the ledge on the other side, then head to Dark Aether. Grab it, then return to Light Aether. Explore the underwater Hydrodynamo Area.

The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)
The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)
The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)
The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)
The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)
The Shattered Veil (Echoes of Oblivion Book 3)

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