The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)

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This is the first in a new series, set in the fictional town of Moosetookalook, Maine, in the present day. Liss MacCrimmon is a professional Scottish dancer sidelined by a knee injury who returns to her home town and walks straight into a murder. Polly Birdwell, a recovering alcoholic, moves to a coastal Maine town and struggles to remake her life and regain custody of her young daughter. Great Spruce Island is the inspiration for Bride Island.

Set in contemporary rural Maine mid-coast and hill country. When an old ice fisherman hooks the body of a gay philanthropist from beneath the ice on Hiram Bog, long-festering emotional tensions between the locals of Venice, Maine, and 'people from away' are exposed, and it's up to Sam Barrows, Thoreau County Sheriff, to sort things out.

Gwen Fletcher is the only single girl in Misty Harbor, Maine, and is surrounded by potential suitors. However, she's got a restaurant to renovate and the carpenter she's hired seems bent on avoiding her. Gwen needs to convince Daniel Creighton that she's not trying to land a husband. But soon, small town gossip has them together -- and it dawns on Daniel he's fallen for Gwen! Anne Marie, thinking she's getting a part in a Maine-based production of Wuthering Heights , instead finds herself among brooding mysterious families who seem to be consciously reliving the lives and plot of the book.

Mansion of Evil : Gothic suspense. Lapped by the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine, the mansion of Ravensnest brooded like a specter from the past over the fishing town of Tregoney.

KILLER INSTINCT: Charlie Fox book one

To the gloomy ruin of a house came beautiful Diane Montrose on a nursing assignment. Witch's Hammer : Gothic suspense. An assignment any woman would envy: year-old Samantha Crawford is sent to Maine to interview Peter Castellano for Secrets magazine. And moreover, the Valentino of the stage has specifically requested that she write his biography. Ravensnest : Gothic suspense. House of Valhalla : Gothic suspense. Valhalla is a secluded mansion in Maine, the home of the Richters, wealthy refuges from war-torn Germany.

It is here that beautiful young Lorna Mitchell is summoned by Johann Richter to help. At a point in her life where Molly needs to find answers about her own identity, she sets out across the country to meet her estranged daughter on Ridgeport Island, a small island in Maine. This novel crosses three generations of beekeepers to tell the story of Regina Merritt, a determined woman who is forced at a young age to choose between happiness and survival. Follows four generations of a Maine shipbuilding family.

The ASH has been sold, and the chilling iceberg turns out to be a bad omen; one of the guests, Calder Maddox, an evil pharmaceutical mogul, dies, and foul play is suspected. Though it has all the trimmings of an ordinary mystery -- the discovery of a corpse, the search for clues, a complex plot and the kidnapping of a witness -- this multilayered novel transcends the genre review from Publisher's Weekly. Serena came to Gresham Island in a violent storm, narrowly escaping drowning in the battering waves.

This would be no peaceful haven, but the wild ocean was no more violent than the bitter hatred in the people. Thea travels to Maine to track down the brutal murderer of her adopted sister, Carrie, by retracing Carrie's search for her birth mother. Silent Buddy : Novel about drug smuggling and the hardscrabble life in a small Maine town.

The hero is a high school biology teacher. Liberty or Death : Mystery, 6th in the Thea Kozak series. All signs point to a john killed by a disgruntled hooker: his pants are unzipped, wallet is gone, and the good doctor has a reputation for entertaining girls in his car. But the deeper Detective Sergeant Joe Burgess digs, the muddier the case becomes. While juggling hookers, wives, ex-wives, fathers, stepfathers, dealers and doctors, a nurse on Pleasant's staff suggests another angle — disgruntled patients.

For Timmy Watts, the answer is death. Timmy is found in a park, brutally stabbed yet carefully wrapped in a blanket.

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The case goes to DS Joe Burgess. It's Reggie the Can Man-a damaged, alcoholic veteran who Burgess has tried to patch back together since they returned from Vietnam.

Now, Reggie's fight for redemption is over. Then the ME questions Reggie's accidental drowning, giving Burgess one last chance. It began when a boy banged on Burgess's car window. With two brother officers near death, Burgess must race the clock to find and arrest the one person angry enough to seek revenge against the Portland police, before the rookie officer's funeral turns into a killing field. Just before the woman dies, she utters the indistinct words: Bobby. So long. Then a stranger, claiming to be Ginger's boyfriend, corners Thea, demanding a package that Ginger gave to her, a package Thea never received.

Determined to get justice for Ginger, Thea begins her own investigation, With the body lacking head and hands, Burgess and his team face complex challenges as they follow a confusing trail leading to human traffickers exploiting children coming to America as asylum seekers. Years later, the daughter returns and created problems for her parents in this portrait of unhappy lives. Author is University of Maine English professor. Feeling that Harp Cove, Maine, is the perfect place to live with her little daughter, especially since she had a magical encounter with a mystery man one summer night, single mother Dr.

Delaney Poole decides to invent a husband to avoid smalltown gossip, but her plan goes awry when her mystery man materializes in the form of her new landlord. If the Slipper Fits : Romance. Anne Sayer and wealthy heir Connor Emory fell in love on Candlewick Island, Maine, years ago, but when Anne broke up with Connor for no apparent reason, he fled, only returning now that his has father died, leaving him to manage the vast family business holdings, including the Sea Bluff Inn on Candlewick Island. FOY, George Challenge : Paul Briggs, once a promising boat designer, has fallen into despair over the disappearance of his wife and daughter.

He and his cousin Jack have been contracted by a well-heeled corporate syndicate to design a yacht for the America's Cup competition.

My Top 5 Thrillers

For Briggs, this is a chance to save the Maine boatyard that's been in his family for five generations, and the town of French Harbor, with its cast of curmudgeonly Downeast inhabitants. The project takes on even more urgency when Jack is murdered one night by an intruder clearly looking for the yacht plans and test results.


Suddenly Paul Briggs is tossed into a maelstrom of murder, sabotage and treachery. Pilgrim , Harlequin American Romance series : Romance. Libby Pilgrim, staid and sensible college archivist, wouldn't have kidnapped Joshua Noon without a very good reason.

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  • 2. Bernadette Baker-Baughman.
  • And what better reason could there be than the protection of her beloved Maine coastline? Rugged outdoorsman Dante Nichelini has loved Meg from afar for years and finally has the chance to show it when she returns town. But trouble looms, because the spunky single mom is convinced her that her son has a twin, a baby taken from Meg at birth. Dante is the only man who can help her, but past secrets threaten to shatter the happiness that he and Meg have found.

    Author is Maine native. The Forgotten Condition of Things : Evelyn Moore, a clinical psychologist recently moved to Maine, and her patient, Sophie Davenport, are the two women at the center of the book, set in a mental hospital. On a moonlit night, the teenagers make a promise to meet at their favorite place, an abandoned golf course in a small Maine town, in fifteen years.

    When Kate who narrates the story returns to the town and the appointed spot, she sets in motion life-changing events. All he remembers is the summer he spent in Maine when he was seventeen and the girl he spent it with. Sea Room : Novel about three generations of a small, close family living on a saltwater farm near the coast of Maine around World War II. Claire Elliot to shelter her adolescent son, Noah, from the distractions of the big city, and the lingering memory of his father's death.

    But when a teenaged boy under her care commits an appalling act of violence after Claire stops prescribing a controversial drug to the troubled boy, her plans are shattered. Before she can defend herself, a rash of new teenage violence erupts in Tranquility, forcing Claire to perform increasingly risky emergency procedures. And when one of her patients dies, the town's panic turns to fury. Shaken by accusations, and fearful that Noah is now at risk, Claire desperately searches for a medical cause behind the murderous epidemic.

    David Baldacci

    She begins to suspect that the placid waters of Locust lake conceal a disturbing history, and an even greater threat: a shocking conspiracy to manipulate nature, and turn innocents to slaughter. The Highwayman : A French spy stirs up all kinds of trouble in early Maine. Classic colonial romance and crime. Involves storm-tossed secrets and a mysterious group of islands off the coast of Maine. A beautiful girl threatens a bewildered young man, against a colorful background of historic islands.

    The rugged coastline and the Penobscot Bay are as present as are the townsfolk in this tale of lobstering, love, and mystery. And although he seems unaware of his surroundings, Walt begins to exert a strange influence on Amber and her friends. After a meteorite crashes in the woods nearby local people suspect Frances might be trouble.

    A spellbinding suspense novel set on the rockbound coast of Maine, Gordon's writing sometimes compared to that of Daphne du Maurier's. Murder in Maine : Returning home to Wyndham Manor, Anne tries to solve the puzzle of her uncle's apparent suicide. Jabez Knight stakes out a claim to acres and builds a homestead at Morning River, where he lives with his family. Sequel to No Other Place.

    GRANT, Richard Tex and Molly in the Afterlife : Having survived the '60s, the Me Decade, Reaganomics and the Republican Revolution, aging hippies Tex and Molly of Dublin, Maine, refuse to abandon their principles for material comforts, making them more suited than most for that long, strange trip to the other side. But her latest problem isn't so easily repaired.

    Along with the rotting floor joists and sagging support beams, there's the little matter of the dead man in Jake's storeroom, an ice pick firmly planted in his cranium. Triple Witch : A crime wave is sweeping the quiet town of Eastport, Maine. After discovering the dead body of Kenny Mumford, the town's petty thief and ne'er-do-well, Jacobia Tiptree and her best friend set out to catch the killer.

    Wicked Fix : For Jacobia Tiptree and her teenaged son, Sam, September promises tranquil days winter-proofing their rambling handyman's special of a home in Eastport, Maine, until someone slits the throat of vicious Reuben Tate and the police trace a bloodied scalpel to surgeon Victor Tiptree -- Jacobia's former husband. This year Jake is hoping the plaster dust will keep them away while she finally gets her gem of a fixer-upper into shape. But when the charming and mysterious Jonathan Raines appears on her doorstep, and then just as suddenly disappears, remodeling the house becomes the least of Jake's problems.

    But though Christmas is just two weeks away, what they find is far from festive: a dazed Faye Anne covered with blood, and her no-good husband, the town butcher, nowhere in sight; until Jake discovers his body tidily wrapped in his own butcher paper. Takes place Eastport, Maine. Unhinged: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Mallets Aforethought : A skeleton dressed in s flapper chic pops out of a closet, putting Ellie's husband George in line for a murder conviction. Crisper : Horror. Set in fictitious Kemperfield, Maine. Involves the mysterious Mr. Crisper and his sinister snack food manufacturing plant.

    The Ravenous : Horror. A teenager discovers the truth about his rural Maine town -- where most of the adults belong to a human-sacrifice cult. Ghosts of Eden : Horror. Set in , about a young woman who returns to her childhood home of Bar Harbor after spending several years in a mental hospital. Manny Williams, a cat burglar, tries to become a good father starting by kidnapping his 5-yr-old son, Nicky, from foster care and ends up hiding in Eastport, Maine.

    Involves Russian mafia. When Jane moves back to the sleepy Maine fishing community where she was born, Green Haven, she's hoping to escape the crime and criminals of Miami. It's a bit of a shock, then, when Nick Dow, the town drunk, turns up dead, and it's not the simple accident that everyone assumes it to be. The stories capture the outrageous unpredictability of family celebrations, one story for each of the twelve days of Christmas, all set against the backdrop of rural Maine.

    Memoir rather than fiction. Her story is paralleled by the tragic story of a family who lived in the same house over years ago. The family's story slowly reveals the solution to a murder mystery that was never solved in the close knit community. Leeway Cottage : 'Chronicles how an unlikely marriage endures over the course of the 20th century. Good-bye and Amen: A Novel : In a summer cottage on the coast of Maine, an unlikely love was nurtured, a marriage endured, and a family survived.

    Now it is time for the children of that marriage to make peace with the wounds and the treasures left to them. As he begins to notice signs of mental aging, he looks to longtime student Hank as his successor. HALL, Linda Coast of Maine Christian mystery series Margaret's Peace : When Margaret Collinwood inherits her childhood home in Coffins Reach, Maine, she returns to the seafront house hoping to rest, paint, and to find the peace she has lost after the death of her daughter and the subsequent breakup of her marriage.

    But Margaret's return to her family home forces her to face difficult childhood memories surrounding the fatal accident that took the life of her sister twenty-five years earlier. Island of Refuge : As the police begin an extensive investigation of their friend's death, Naomi and Zoe are distraught. Two states over, Margot begins her own investigation because Jo lived with them for a few months.

    What she discovers shatters her to the very core and intertwines the lives of the island dwellers as they seek to make peace with themselves, their lives, and God. Katheryn's Secret : Mystery writer Sharon Colebrook finds herself the unexpected recipient of her deceased Aunt Katie's papers, and hopes to learn about a murder Katie had hinted at years before.

    But as Sharon and her husband Jeff begin to investigate, the carefully kept facade of her strict religious family begins to crumble. Secrets, long buried, begin to surface, and only God's grace can put this family back together again. Sadie's Song : Nine-year-old Ally Buckley disappears, in circumstances that closely resemble another recent and chilling event. Fear spreads throughout the Maine fishing village of Coffins Reach and the local church that Sadie and her family attend. Then Sadie discovers a drawing done by Ally among her abusive husband's possesions, an odd evidence that danger may be closer to home than she'd ever known possible.

    Steal Away : A famous evangelist hires P. Teri Blake-Addison to solve a mystery connected to his wife's death in a boating accident. Set in Maine and on Grand Manan Island. Also examines Internet-only churches vs. Carl Houseman, celebrated minister and speaker, is determined to find out what really happened to his wife, declared dead five years ago after her sailboat washed ashore on a coastal island of Maine. Private investigator Teri Blake-Addison must piece together the life of this woman who felt she didn't know or understand the God that her husband so faithfully served.

    Did Ellen really die in those cold Atlantic waters? Two young women, a Southerner living on a plantation surrounded by scarred and blood-soaked battlefields, and a Northerner, living on an isolated Maine island, her beloved husband fighting for the Confederacy, exchange letters. A Dream of Paris : In Maine, Laura pursues her dream to study art in Paris, encouraged by an aging painter, a suffragette friend, and her own father, a farmer who had once dreamed of singing opera.

    Abbott's Reach : Sequel to Pink Chimneys. A headstrong woman Elizabeth's daughter, M prepares to go to sea with her husband, setting the stage for romance, adventure, and family strife. HAND, Elizabeth Generation Loss : A down and out photographer visits a Maine island to interview a famously reclusive photographer and confronts an old mystery and the disappearance of a local teenager.

    Psychological thriller. Setting is coast of Maine, Selena came alone to the mansion on the isolated Maine coast. There she met Ian Carrick, a physician turned recluse, haunted by a telepathic gift that has destroyed his desire to heal. Selena comes to him, the only person he's ever met who is immune to his psychic powers. A mesmerizing innocent, she turns his life upside down, bringing light into darkness. Kentucky race tracks, fifty-second street jazz clubs in the forties, Billie Holiday in Harlem, Boston's Beacon Hill, summers in Maine, winters in Manhattan; such is the unusual landscape of the inner life of an American woman.

    Author is part-time Georgetown resident. A conscientious student and star of the basketball team, he lives in an affluent household and enjoys the latest in electronic marvels. He is a model young American. Yet, he lives with a mother he never sees, in a house owned by a man that she now despises. He spends a good deal of his time alone, and in silence, studying hard, and then winding down with a good game of Doom or Mega-Death. He is detached, self- absorbed, disaffected.

    Philip will soon commit an act of violence, and his trial will polarize the small New England community in which he lives. Hatchet Harbor: A Maine Coast Adventure : An old-fashioned love story, with vivid descriptions of nature, wild life and the ecology -- with a plea for saving the environment. Mistrust is brewing in this tiny Maine fishing village, where love of nature collides with human greed and the locals and summer people take sides in a brewing environmental conflict.

    Dak Siege of Eden : Horror, set in Maine. The Mountain King : Horror. Mark Newman has heard tales of the demon that resides on the rocky slopes of Mount Agiochook, in what is now Maine, but he doesn't believe them. The day his friend Phil disappears in a sudden, blinding snowstorm, Mark believes when he sees something he knows can't be real -- something that will kill again and again. Novel includes three bonus short stories. Impulse , partially set in Hilton, Maine Bedbugs : A collection of 26 short stories, mostly set in Maine. Each story is set in October.

    He sought to raise his young daughter away from the violence of the big city The Chill of Night : When McCabe finds the frozen body of an ambitious and beautiful young attorney stuffed into the trunk of her brand new BMW convertible, the only clue is a piece of paper stuffed between her teeth with a biblical quote about sinners dying by the sword, and the only witness is a young schizophrenic woman, HEALY, Jeremiah Foursome : A John Cuddy Mystery, set in Maine. Two couples move from high-living Boston, to a getaway camp in Maine, where 3 are brutally murdered and the 4th is framed as the killer.

    The Takedown : Murder mystery that follows a former Navy Seal now working for a major insurance company who notices clients dying. He and friend begin an investigation that leads them on a chase to the coast of Maine. Written by Maine native. The Summer Country : First novel. Dark fantasy. Growing up poor in Naskeag Falls, Maine, Maureen leads an ordinary life until she discovers her blood goes back to the land of Mordred and Merlin.

    Author lives in Bangor. Starred review in the ALA's Booklist. Dragon's Eye : Features the Morgan and Haskell families of fictional hardscrabble Stonefort, Maine, which Hetley describes as 'a small coastal community modeled on Stonington or Jonesport'. Dragon's Teeth : Sequel to Dragon's Eye. Geirolf Ericsson is a farmer and master shipbuilder in what is Norway in the year A. Journeying on a quest to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to return a sacred relic, he finds himself sucked into Maine in the year When medieval historian Meredith Foster finds him -- in a leather tunic -- roasting a rabbit in her fireplace she thinks it's some kind of elaborate joke; but she soon realizes that he knows much about the tenth century and nothing about the 20th.

    As Rolf helps Meredith fulfill her grandfather's dream of re-creating a Viking ship, he awakens her to dreams of her own. A rollicking romance follows three notorious bachelors -- a Blue Angels pilot, a bounty hunter, and an ex-NFL football player -- of Snowdon, Maine, as they attempt to get to their friend's Christmas Eve wedding on time and have many romantic and hilarious adventures along the way. A true story. Illustrator Lesia Sochor lives in Brooks. The emergence of a strange document sets her search upside down. Midnight At Mears House : pp. Open Season : A collection of short stories with the title story about a young couple moving from an urban area to build a home and life in rural Maine.

    Partially set in Maine. Rhode Island author. Andy Bruce was the most hated resident of craggy, windswept Fox Island off the coast of Maine. A tough, vigorous bantan of Yankee shrewdness, he had stepped on the toes of most of his neighbors as he clawed his way to control of the island's property and wealth. When Andy's body was found one frosty dawn -- his skull smashed in by a marlin spike -- Sheriff Gil Donan faced his most baffling case and an almost limitless array of prime suspects.

    The Sin Mark : Mystery set on the Maine coast. Goes to Maine : The four irrepressible surgeons Hawkeye, Trapper, Duke, and Spearchucker who brought brilliant medicine and lunacy to the troops in Korea deliver both specialities to the natives of Spruce Harbor, Maine. Who else would connive to send a forty-year old lobsterman to medical school - on a football scholarship?

    Divorced teacher Nicola Ward, with a baffling diary, discovers her family once had been involved in an infamous Soviet spy ring.

    Virginia author. Modern, independent Marna teaches history at a fictitious Maine college, where she and a friend are collaborating on a doctoral thesis. Marna experiences paranormal events that take her back to the time of the American Revolution, which she sees through the eyes of another girl, Sarah. HUNT, Samantha The Seas: A Novel : Retelling of 'The Little Mermaid' A nameless year-old narrator is in love with a year-old fisherman, Jude, a former soldier in Iraq who has returned to their small coastal town in Maine unable, or unwilling, to speak about his experiences in the military.

    The narrator's father, before he vanished into the ocean 11 years earlier, told her that she is a mermaid, a sentiment that obsesses the girl. So when his private aircraft crashes into a fiery ball high in the Alps, the world thinks Putin is dead—which is just what he wanted.

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    Hawke, meanwhile, spends a vibrant Christmas morning with his son, Alexei, as the two embark on a ski trip in Switzerland, soaking up some much-needed father-son time. Their dangling gondola, suddenly reduced to a death box of panic and fear, is left hanging thousands of feet above the ground. After searching the hospital and the surrounding area, Hawke realizes his son has been kidnapped, and vows to do whatever is necessary in order to get his boy back.

    Tata St. He was sent to kill his nemesis, Khasan Basayev. Now, ready to claim retribution with the squeeze of a trigger, Harwood finally had the drop on Basayev. But before he could pull the trigger, mortar rounds started exploding all around him. He wakes up a week later in a military hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses. He sustained a serious head injury, which has affected his memory, among other things, and he can only remember bits and pieces of the mission.

    He begins teaching special forces snipers around the country, trying to complete his rehab so he can get back into the game and on the battlefield with his fellow soldiers. He also starts dating Olympic gold medalist Jackie Colt, a sharpshooter with world-class precision, whom he met back in Afghanistan when she traveled with other athletes and celebrities in an effort to meet and give back to the troops.

    A similar incident happens again a few days later. As a trail of bodies piles up, leading right back to Harwood, the Reaper is forced to go on the run in an attempt to evade authorities while he searches for the truth. Irving and Tata are a lethal combination, and Vick Harwood is a hero unlike anyone else the genre has to offer.

    Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz Harper. Readers are also treated to decades-long questions finally being answered, as Horowitz explains things in addition to where the designation came from such as why Bond always gives his real name rather than an alias, why he prefers a certain firearm over others, and, perhaps the most debated question of all, why he likes his martinis shaken and not stirred. Seeing this inexperienced side to Bond is refreshing and finally provides the true origin story that was always missing from the polished, hardened agent Fleming introduced in Casino Royale.

    Using that, Horowitz has crafted an authentic, action-packed Bond novel that even the Fleming faithful will devour. And in some ways, he never will. Hellbent on bringing down a secret shadow government calling themselves the Organization, West calls on buddy John Quick and Oath of Honor carryover Cole Matthews to help him run down their first real lead in months. Instead, they inadvertently walk into an ambush—setting up an entertaining action scene inside the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar. In the midst of the chaos, Logan gets a call from an unknown number. Never one to shy away from a ringing phone, West once again impulsively answers the call, sparking deja vu all over again a nod to the series opening in Overwatch when his doing so kicks off a chain of events that no one could have predicted.

    They also have a serious problem. With a string of attacks being carried out on U. But with no idea of how high or wide the corruption goes within his own government, West cannot trust anyone but John and Cole—and this time, that might not be enough. Fast, hard-hitting, and impossible to put down, Field of Valor is hands-down one of the best action thrillers of Advertisers: Contact Us.

    Article continues after advertisement. He currently lives in Southwest Michigan with his wife and their six children. Previous Article Liar's Paradox. October 7, Now, sixteen years later, he is being released, with a documentary being made to prove his innocence. This psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh and Lisa Jewell. He takes her in and learns her tragic story, having been trafficked by those who had promised her the world. The Overnight Kidnapper A woman on her way from home from work is held up at gunpoint, chloroformed and kidnapped, but released just hours later unharmed and with all her possessions.

    A spate of these seemingly harmless kidnappings leaves Inspector Montalbano baffled but determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Scent of Fear Sean and his tracker dog Benny work in Africa preventing poaching and protecting precious wildlife. So when a colleague is almost killed by a planted bomb explosion, he is horrified and determined to get to the bottom of it. Can Sean find the bombmaker and keep his personal life together at the same time?

    But it soon becomes clear that there is a greater conspiracy behind these deaths and it will take Ida right into the dark heart of New York. I Thought I Knew You Jules and Holly are best friends and have been there for each other through the best times, and the worst. Will it ever be the same again? And what will be the consequences of the devastating accusation? I Spy Tom Marcus served as a Surveillance Officer in MI5 for over a decade, dedicating years of his life to protecting his country from harm. In I Spy , he shares his story of a life lived in the shadows and the person he became in order to stay alive.

    Life as a single mother is hard, but the struggles only bond Kate and Becky closer. When she comes across a story that Becky was researching, she begins to wonder if something more sinister is going on. When a body is found at the bottom of the cliffs two days later, Rhona begins to search for a link between these events and a group of missing army medics on leave from Afghanistan. Maggie arrives in Majorca as part of a Met team investigating the death of seventeen-year-old Katy Pope ten years ago, but then another British girl goes missing on the island.

    Historical Gay Romance Novels

    As Charles Mossman encounters a hate-filled Nazi sympathiser rally in New York, he confronts one of them, with deadly consequences. Two years later he is released from prison and all he wants is to make amends to his family.

    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella) The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)
    The Contractor (an action/thriller novella)

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