The Chintamani Stone

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But its greater powers lie in a higher dimension, invisible to our own senses.

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Possession of the stone elevates its holder to a higher state of being, granting knowledge of all time and space and, consequently, the potential for world domination. Many of the greatest empires of the world are said to have possessed these fragments.

This implies that the stone was directly responsible for their success. For example, the Cintamani Stone is described as a gem or a jewel, green in color, that fell from the stars.

This perfectly fits the description of moldavite, a tektite formed after meteorite impacts. A meteorite impact could have, in ancient times, been viewed as a mystical event. Moldavite taken from the crater may have been revered as a heavenly artifact.

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The Cintamani Stone

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Like In ancient Buddhist mythology, it is said that the Cintamani Stone is one of four relics contained in a chest that fell from the sky to King Lha Thothori Nyantsen of Tibet. Throughout Buddhist legend, the Cintamani, which roughly translates to thought-jem or wishing-stone, is often used as a metaphor for the teachings of Buddha, especially in terms of humility.

I bring the chalice covered with the shield. Within it, I bring a treasure.

Chintamani Stones

However, after the collapse of the League, Roerich took the stone back to Trasilumpo lamasery in Tibet where it is rumored to still be to this very day. Stay tuned!

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The Chintamani Stone The Chintamani Stone
The Chintamani Stone The Chintamani Stone
The Chintamani Stone The Chintamani Stone
The Chintamani Stone The Chintamani Stone
The Chintamani Stone The Chintamani Stone

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