Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It

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Unforgivable Curses

I wish you all the best with your next step towards the next chapter of your life. Not because I want to start a debate and not because I want to prove that I am right or not but it seems like whenever I think positive something negative happens — why is that because I am losing my mind! I told myself in positive mind that my marriage will go very well and I will be the happiest person in my life — but no totally opposite happened, then I thought at young age I will get support from my friend — in positive mind but again totally opposite happened the list is so long that I am getting nervous.

I believe you and totally agree. Do you also feel like when you talk nobody listens but when everyone else yaps you are forced to listen? I see no comment after your opinion but the next person sure as got a response!. I have bad luck all day every day. Same here, fell down, shoulder and leg pain, now today stung by a wasp. People tell me I have bad luck. Also how is a person supposed to just pick up and make a new plan. No person I know wants to think themself into bad luck! Thank you so much and may God bless you,you have really helped many ,me as one of them.

Natalia,all the way from Kenya. Its hard seeing them everyday because they are sooo much more talented than me. Bieng friends with them makes my life hell but if I leave them then its same I will have nobody.. This passage has really helped to realize that maybe I should get rid of the negativity in my life. I read this in a state of despair and not knowing what to do. I thought of what it may have been and then I thought of ways to stop it.

Then things got worse. I literally did everything. I even lost my job and decided to use the time in healing myself and being positive. There were people I worked with who barely knew me. It happens to the point that I do not want to work the same shifts you do. It made me feel awful. I thought maybe it was just me because things happen in life.

Then it got worse. Mind you all of these events occurred within either days, weeks and all together months. I was rear ended. Car totaled. They refused to look at my car and put it back together.. My back was in horrible pain. I can barely stand it. Then I was asked to moved out. Then I got an infection and was in the hospital for a few days after being bed ridden for a few weeks. Then I broke my foot. I did nothing to my foot. They asked if I kicked anything etc. They just said my bones were broken. After this my cousin passed away from drug overdose..

Then I lost my job. Then my phone was shut off. Then a few days later I was hit a second time. That driver had no insurance. They finally did an MRI and I have 6 ruptured disks in my back and 2 bulging disks in my neck. I ended up losing it and crying and getting tremors , diarrhea etc. Then I went to medical. They threw out my application and said I made too much. They used an amount from 3 years ago and I told them that over and over. Apparently there were two files under my name.

After that I struggled and had to borrow money from everyone to get my antidepressants. Then they gave me two doctors. Both doctors ended up being ones that were not accepted. This time for up to two months. I had nothing.

What EVERYBODY Needs To Know About CURSES - Guiding Echoes

My fiance went to get me a loan to help. The next day I swipe and it is declined. I called. The tax and collections took every cent. I had called them before letting them know I lost my job. What is worse is that I paid for my taxes to be done and they said there is no trace of them at all!!!! My unemployment was also taken away a few weeks after due to a miscommunication with my previous employer that was false.

After that my car broke down again. And my phone shut off. I have had so so many other things happen and these are just some. I know there are bad things that happen in life.. I always grew up wanting love and wanting to be accepted and did things for others than myself. When my cousin passed I cut ALL the people off who were bad for me and even those who were good and explained that I needed time to heal and work on myself. Even if I had to make sacrifices to be broke. I could no longer live this way. All I have left is me and to pray. I need help in what to do. I believe in God so I would never kill myself..

I just feel that way inside and I know there is more to life.. I was a pirate in the s.

Keeping it Real

That rules me out as having been anybody cool like Blackbeard. He was active back in the early s. No, I had family in Italy and in England. In Italy, things were somewhat more tolerable. They all wore white wool perri-wigs. The high seas were viewed as the ultimate escape from tyrannical rule. Anyway, I remember being a wild eyed kid. Awkward, tall and I must have been enormously strong, as I remember always breaking things with my hands.

I wish I was that strong today!

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Anyway, we neighborhood kids would hang out near pubs along the seaports and we would hear the tales of adventure told by sea captains, sailors and pirates. I remember sensing love, freedom and adventure could be found in those sparkling blue waters. Naturally, I grew and became broad shouldered and toweringly tall. I remember a fence near an apricot tree, and me now towering over the top of that fence, which used to be way taller than me. In fact, that fence was nearly 6 feet tall.

All too soon, I grew up and joined the British Navy. Then, I became a man who hunted lawbreakers. I then went completely rogue. I quit shaving my beard because I got sick and tired of my face always hurting afterward. I remember something about pillaging a village someplace in I believe to be Africa. I remember saying to my soon to be partner in crime ….

We all seemed to die in horrible ways following that! All of them ending with me dying young and tragically!!! One thing that has helped to minimize my curse is orgonite. In my past life, I was a big towering prick who loved scaring people. One must be careful how he or she lives his or her life!!! Do harm, and it will find its way back to you!!! This incredible, i never thought hard life could be handled the way you have explained.

Thank you for this article. Life must go on no matter what because bad luck is a state of mind and not life. It sounds like you are already on the road to better, more positive outcomes. Life does go on. Im still lost and dont understand. Ive tried all kinds of ways of trying to weed them out during interviews, changed industries and still end up with a bully boss.

Curses and Cursing: What Is a Curse?

Ive had a professional create my resume for me. Currently I work for a Fortune company and as big as this company is guess what? Im working for a bully. Employees are crying and nobody stays longer than 6 months. Say what you want but this is bad luck to keep being in a toxic environment. So is this me?

IBS: Cramping in the lower abdomen

Is this my fault that bosses try to steal your work or sabotage your work because of their insecurities or set me up for failure by giving me bits and pieces of a project to complete with an unrealistic deadline? No puzzle will make a perfect picture without all of the pieces and nether will a project. So say what you want sounds like bad luck to me. Unfortunately, in many respects, society is set up to breed people this way. Facing difficulties during your university years. Which makes you think that you have chosen the wrong field. Unwanted delays n failure coming your way and not stopping.

What is going wrong in this situation how to deal with it. Is this really what you want to do with your life or is it the expectations of others? Life has a way of pushing back and trying to tell us things. Listen to your intuition. If this is really what you want to do, and something you love, then stop judging your progress against that of others.

Focus on your journey. Put your all in. It is the culture of the workplace that you keep finding yourself in, that is the problem. Dependent on the type of industry you work in you might want to re-evaluate remaining in that particular type of industry. Our expectations are skewed from the start — we are conditioned to believe that hard work merits results but this is not always the case where others are involved and particularly where the state is concerned.

The state sanctions many aspects of social engineering that sets the mood for the populace and this is overarchingly negative so the general trend of dissatisfaction is to be expected. Overt authoritarianism is an immoral act! Nimryl, I also used to find this when I worked in retail for companies who were fiercely competing financially. I still work in retail but the company I work for now does not struggle and it is a much nicer place to work.

I am wondering what industry you work in because if the industry itself is quite volatile then the bosses are forced to be nasty in order to keep their own place. I would not say this is bad luck as you have a choice to stay at this company and as you are intelligent enough to have realised the situation is bad you should leave this company. I have found happiness at work now but I have had to accept lower pay. However I have came to the conclusion that no amount of money is worth sacrificing my happiness.

The more money involved the more nasty people can get. The only reason why i am still alive and typing this is probably because i am African, and we tend not to see suicide as an alternative. Okay, that said. I have been applying for jobs back here in Nigeria. I am well learned and qualified. My current state of life is shameful for a 25 year old still living with my parents.

Securing a good job will almost turn my situation around, so i have tried for the past years to get one. I have written aptitudes, gone for assessments and interviews that had thousands of applicants. I have always progressed to the last phase, but i never ever get the job after that. This has happened two notable times last year.

I moved on and remained positive, but yesterday it happened again and i had a flashback of the past two events coupled with this recent one it was really my last chance of finally getting what i deserve , and i immediately felt suicidal but i am African. I feel dead inside, just like a walking corpse. I have never felt so low-spirited in my life before. I feel dead. I wish i could just sleep and never wake up again in the stead of committing suicide. Yeah, it is exactly how I feel and what is also my situation too. They all say, take control of your life and stay positive and then you see that other people are doing well while you are left behind, and never that luck to come to your life.

So, I know exactly what you feel because this article even makes me angry and even more sorrowful than I already am… to the point that this article even insults us!

List of bad luck signs - Wikipedia

It is not only about the bad luck here but also the connections, corruption and the bribe. In the end, you can let go or control or stay positive, the truth is… the life for someone is Mother and for the other, Stepmother.

We just have no luck no matter what we do. Bad luck? This is bad luck: 3 days in the row ,3 accidents. My girlfriend got 2 and one of them was mine. Mine was the first one small scratch on bumper and a little crack. First accident ,she did total her car second she destroyed a bumper with my car. Four months back my work van and the tools was stolen. I found the van but not the tools. There are few more small incidents.

This must be bad luck. Those are not bad luck examples, but your own doing. Bad luck is: every time without planning ahead you try to catch the train and you miss it by 0 minutes no pre conception of the schedule not awareness that one exists, you catch a train only to find out that other trains after yours arrive earlier, you buy a stock and for 10 days it goes down, you sell then and the stock has never dipped again.

Signs your dog has anxiety and how to treat it

So no, it is not as simple and trivial as you are trying to paint it… are you somewhat right? Sure, but you are only targeting things from your narrower angle …. Bad luck is trying your best and doing your job very well, nothing but praise, and then getting fired for no reason. Over and over. I do every single thing correctly, and I am very careful. This has been going on for decades. People who are close to me literally cannot understand why things are like this for me.

There must be others out there like me and i would like to talk to them.

I know exactly how you feel Velouria. I try to be the MOST positive person and think through situations logically, however my will power can only last so long when bad things just keep on happening for no reason. I have no strengths, but I cannot give up for one reason only and that is my mother. After we both lost my brother her son to cancer, I could never put her though that kind of pain of losing a child again. I know she feels so much guilt for how things have turned out for her kids already, she could never survive if she lost me too. Tbh Im afraid that one day when she passes, I will have no reason to live anymore and might just end it there.

So I completely relate to what you said. I was a positive kid and things just happened, and that is the reason I am the way I am. So how come that seems to be everyones go-to answer????? None of the people described above invited xD So heres to reaching out, haha. Hot darn i totally agree with you guys.

My beautiful mother just passed away three months ago. After she passed well, a bit before she did it seemed like bad luck was coming my way. These blog posts are pretty bad because they always want you to take control. But it seems like it comes in bouts too. For example, only a few days after she passed away my father told me he will remarry. Blow one. Next up, he finds a woman in a foreign country, who knows who she is.

Blow number two. Then, he says they are engaged after only meeting each other in person for two weeks and only knowing for two months. Blow number three. Next up, I get a wrongful traffic ticket because a truck was in my way and i was in the intersection while the light was yellow, but the cop stopped me because I moved forward thinking I ran a red light my car was in the intersection before it was red. Blow number four. Blow number five, I had to drive to pick up my father from his trip and then I get lost for 4 hours trying to get to the airport, in the dark, now in a country area.

Blow number six, my hard drive fails sudddently on my work computer and I lose all important files this, i actually contribute to my fault because i really should have backed it up. But still, how unlucky can you get? IBS does not cause these symptoms. There are about 1.

Try these 9 medicine-free stomach ache remedies you never knew about. Acid reflux is the regurgitation of partially digested liquids or foods that have mixed with stomach acid. This acidic mix makes its way into your esophagus food tube and throat, causing a burning sensation. Occasional heartburn is nothing to worry about, but chronic heartburn, known as acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD. It can lead to chronic digestive disorders if left untreated. If the pain you are experiencing is heartburn, an over-the-counter antacid like TUMS should immediately dampen the symptoms.

If this stomach pain is coupled with dull pain near the shoulder and seems to act up after eating fatty meals, gallstones may be to blame.

The Self-Blame Game

This is because spikes in estrogen, common during pregnancy, may cause gallstones. These tiny stones that form in the gallbladder can go undetected for years and are generally painless unless they get stuck in the cystic duct, explains Dr. Here are 12 things you should do if you wake up with stomach pain.

These are the hallmark signs of a peptic ulcer , along with bloating, burping, poor appetite, and weight loss. Peptic ulcers are sores on the lining of your stomach or top of your small intestine. Instead, you can blame one of two major culprits: Helicobacter pylori or H. A routine blood test can detect whether the bacterium is present.

Look out for common ulcer symptoms that indicate you should see a doctor right away. If this stomach pain strikes, along with gas, it may signal diverticulitis , which is an inflammation of small pouches in your large intestine called diverticula. About half of the U.

Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It
Seven Signs Of Being Cursed And How You Could Cure It

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