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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Satan Wants Me by Robert Irwin. Peter is into path-working meditations, backwards causation, easy sex and drugs. There is acid on the streets and darker things are on the move. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published March 18th by Bloomsbury Publishing Limited.

More Details Original Title. London, England , Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Satan Wants Me , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. It all happened in the era when deportment and ideas were the products of the great alchemical revolution… When I woke up this morning I decided that I was dead.

London is the Spectral City in the Afterlife. There can be no other explanation for the strangeness of London and its grey lifelessness. At every hour the big red buses ferry more crowds of the newly dead into the City of Shadows. Sally and I and the rest of us are spirits who have to hover about in this deceitful place until we wake up to full consciousness of our true state and we manage to shed any lingering attachment to our former mode of existence.

So many fantastic colours… But every rainbow has to it its white side and its black side. View 2 comments. What a twist at the end! What a complete and utter shock! How incredibly perfectly timed, though. I found the beginning and the middle of this book pulling me on the inside. On the one hand I found it tedious, uninteresting, the characters were being manipulated and lacked so called ambition in life.

I'm not that into the occult or any kinds of cults or, well, any kind of group activity really, to be interested in reading about people getting together and enjoying all the togetherness. On the other h What a twist at the end!

The Devil Has All The Best Tunes: How Musicians Discovered Their Dark Side

On the other hand all of the characters provoked some kind of feeling in me, all the events were interesting even if I wouldn't care for them in my own life, the occult and cult and togetherness was on some level waking a kind of a beast in me. If it hadn't been for the ending, I probably would have slided right into the arms of my first, initial feelings. Thanks to the brilliant story-telling of Irwin though, who I'm happy didn't let me down, I ended up surprising myself by letting my inner beast break free and run wild.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all is not necessarily as it seems, however, and as he gets drawn deeper and deeper into the ritual of the cult, the reader is thrown for a loop more than once. End note: There are also numerous references in this novel to author Dennis Wheatley, who wrote successful horror novels from the s through the 60s, and with whom I was unfamiliar, but he does sound likely for a good pulpy horror read. I may have to try him on, around Halloween. Sep 23, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: occult-esoteric , no-longer-own , general-fiction. Irwin's usual convoluted plotting, where the twists and turns can be as baffling to the reader as to the characters.

But in a good way: the thwarting of expectation and undermining of motives is usually surprising and leaves you slightly dizzy, not quite knowing what is real, what fabricated or hallucinatory. The problem with this one, though, is that I had no emotional attachment to any of the characters, none of whom I particularly liked, and consequently I didn't really care what happened to t Irwin's usual convoluted plotting, where the twists and turns can be as baffling to the reader as to the characters. The problem with this one, though, is that I had no emotional attachment to any of the characters, none of whom I particularly liked, and consequently I didn't really care what happened to them.

However, still worth a read because Irwin is a good writer. Apr 19, Wreade rated it really liked it Shelves: s , league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen , s , supernatural. In a sociology student and acidhead gets involved with a satanic cult. Very much a love letter to the 60's and 60's occultism. If names like Crowley, Wheatley or films like Rosemary's Baby, don't mean anything to you, your probably not going to get the most out of this.

Actually maybe some Kerouac, William S. Burroughs etc. War does happen and one must defend the helpless. War is horrible on all occasions. Its outrageous when it is for economic, territorial or religious reasons and not only fro self defence. Its wrong when politicians call it a holy war eg the crusades or what isis is doing. Having been heavily involved in freedom through Christ ministry for 30 yrs, Ive seen just about every person problem you can imagine.

As a clinical counsellor I see they same problems.

stupid sexy satan

Some of them are spiritual oppression because of peoples involvement in occult or false religions. A few people were controlled by evil spirits violent, addictive by nature. The bible talks about foot holds and strong holds in peoples lives which opens the door to oppression eg habitual sin. I let the presenting issues and history lead me to root causes either in Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual areas.

I also believe Satan fools people in believing he is bigger than he is. Once Christians realize he is a defeated enemy and that Christ rules… freedom is found. In essence the greatest form of spiritual warfare is sharing Christs love and grace to a lost society. Hence the Apostles Pauls warning we are in a spiritual battle. As a counselor, I imagine you have insight into many of these things. There definitely is spiritual oppression and bondage, and it takes great discernment to see the connection between mental, emotional, and physical problems and the spiritual realm.

If, as Jesus proclaimed, the sin is in the thought, then the implication is that there is a personality profile for those that do walk with Christ, in God? The New Testament outlines the personality profile of the individual that walks with Christ, in God. Not unsurprisingly, the two personality profiles are more or less the same. This profile is not congruent with that from the Torah, nor the New Testament.

This personality profile has minor differences with that from the YiJing, and major differences with that from the Torah, and the New Testament.

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Unfortunately, most faith healing today, regardless of who does it, is fraudulent. The more mainstream the journal is, the less likely it is to publish this type of research. I like the article! The main message is stop finding slew foot under every rock and behind every tree in fact I make it a practice to ONLY acknowledge the Son! Yes, focus on Jesus and His victory on the cross, not on those defeated enemies who want to trip us up on the way to the coronation ceremony.

The problem with modern day Christians, is that we all feel that God is going to rescue us via the Rapture, before the Anti-Christ establishment begins it rules. There is no scripture anywhere in the Bible which says Christians will not be persecuted before Jesus returns. We may not through the Tribulation — that is for sure — but persecution there is an assurance of such. We are feeling the first affects of it now, and many churches, preachers and members are burying their heads in the sands not wanting to believe it.

But they will believe it when they are awakened in the middle of the night and hauled off to a Re-education Camp to be taught that Christianity is a Hate Religion, and it must be outlawed. You think I am off my rocker? Well just hand around for about 10 more years and your mind will be changed. What you are saying might happen… and it might not. But even if so, what do you propose we do about it? Are we to defend our right to practice our religion by resorting to violence against those who want to criminalize Christianity?

No, we are not to resort to violence. This is what is happening to Christians in some nations today. And many are being killed by beheading. Is this what we are supposed to do? Would you stand idly by and allow you family, friends and yourself to be killed by beheading? Is life more important than obedience?

Is my life more important or valuable than the person who seeks to kill? Thankfully, the choice you have raised is little more than a red herring or a false dichotomy. There are so many ways to resist evil than by resorting to violence. I am NOT a pacifist, nor have I ever claimed to be one. I think you confuse the concept of persecution with freedom of religion. If your version of Christianity involves hatred towards other and anger and demonizing the poor etc then yes, you are much in need of reeducation.

Calling yourself one when you choose to follow evil ways makes everyone question your motives. This is not persecution of Christianity. You will never be prevented from practicing your faith in this country. Your fear is unfounded and based in evil words of those who delight in causing trouble and pot stirring. Open your eyes to reality please, before you fall into the very traps mentioned in this article. A couple of problems here. The constitiution HAS changed, by Secularists fixated on the slow, steady, incremental destruction of Christianity and others brainwashed by their revisionist history that play along.

The result is, the constitution has changed, over time significantly, by the judicial branch ignoring historical context of the constitution and changing the semantics of the words in the constitution, in the end eisegeting. Just be quiet, go to your church building on Sunday, be a Christian there for a couple of hours.

God Bullies - Join Satan's Army (, Vinyl) | Discogs

The same type of groups are lobbying to get churches that preach certain bible passages to lose their tax-exempt status. I think this statement is a little misleading. If you think both get equal treatment or equal protection, I think you are mistaken. I think those you accuse of having a mob mentality and some of them do have developed this attitude in response to the mob mentality exhibited by so many Christians today. Mob mentality by christians? Can you explain in more tangible terms what you mean? Or else what? Our way? What is being demanded?

But maybe I misunderstand as it is a little vague. In what way was this mob-mentality expressed by christians? The anti-christian sentiment permeates the media, hollywood, academia, just about all major spheres of influence. The christian remnants that exist in these arenas are in decline, on the defensive, and fighting to maintain their existence. Seems a little convoluted to turn this around and say that christians are at fault that the PC mob is after them.

Jesus promised persecution to those that live like Him. Ephesians 1 Revelation 2 Freedom of religion also means that you as Christian may not force me as a Christian to bow to your dogma I believe John is correct in identifying Paul to be false Remember Satan is a persecutor created by God and God does not make mistakes right Jesus was not persecutor. Which are you Jesus went on and on about hypocrites And in living flesh said nothing about gays Remember Paul is saying he speaks for Jesus When Jesus was able to speak for himself.

The bible says so. Many Christians insist on the false-teaching that Eternal-Life can be lost. Teaching from the utter-depths of Hell. Tisk tisk. But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. So, yes, it our propensity to lust that give the devil the opening…the porthole into which to enter our lives. He is insidious and relentless — especially now, Revelation Ephesians shows that the fallen state does create significant complications; and Satan is indeed a very aggressive, proactive foe who means to destroy us if we give him a chance.

Look at all the psychosis, hysteria, hate, and sexual sin, for example. James Nevertheless, it would be dangerously naive to think ignorance of the word of God will spare you of demonic influence. One of the most important things our Lord revealed to us is the need to be free from the captivity of the devil — not the theologically speaking Romans; since His mission was fundamentally spiritual John ; John ; John etc. So we can discern evil from good, and resist evil, become imbued by agape love; and take up our crosses. However, how often are people conscious of these things, so that they may be aware and not get caught in the devils snares?

I posted your Amazon book order page for her and all to see. Many of them seem to be saying that we should be willing to see our children killed and then calmly allow the enemy to slaughter us and all Christians, since we know that upon our death, we and our children would be rejoined in Heaven. So why did not this happen during WWII? Most of those U. Were they fighting to defeat our enemies Germany and Japan or were they fighting knowing that upon death on the battle field, they would immediately go to heaven?

Personally, I believe the position all Christians of today should be to obey Romans 13 but also believe the lesson taught in Romans 13, that the ministers of God government have the right to built an army from among its citizenry to defend our nation against the forces of evil. I believe the main reason we defeated Nazism and Imperialism was because God was on our Side.

Then, and finally then, Satan, the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet will finally be defeated once and for ever. Brother Myers, is my theology in error or pretty much biblical. Would love to have your comments. I would only say that I am not in full agreement. I think there are different ways of understanding Romans 13 and the book of Revelation. I think God is innovative and would not have been stopped or thwarted by such a turn of events. At least four distinct positions have been expressed.

The hardest position for an individual to maintain, is the first one — all defense is contrary to what Scripture teaches. This is also the only position for which one can cite Jesus as an example. Is this the act of a nation that is moral? Is communism Christian in thought, word, and deed? Is non-interference Christian in thought, word, and deed?

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Is pacifism Christian in thought, word, and deed? Assuming that the studies done during the Korean conflict, the Vietnamese Era, and conflicts since then hold true for WW2, then the people in combat were fighting to protect their buddies. The other people in their squad. The only thing that counts is the Right-Here-and-Right-Now. When bullets are flying towards one, everything else goes out the window.

The symbolism in the Bible can be construed to apply to the Axis powers, as easily as they apply to the Allied powers. Now I feel a greater sense of Union with God Now, and with life on this planet. It is easy to see the evolution of the perception of God through the OT. Keep looking for the Light ahead on your journey…so much is already in you to become aware of…Namaste. God is at work in my life. I just accused someone of being demon possessed yesterday and today I read this article.

God wants me to understand that I am judging and condemning this person, which is not loving or understanding. My prayer now is for God to use me in leading this person to genuine faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Thanks for you honesty and humility. Very refreshing to see!

I believe that God will work in your heart and in the heart of the other person to glorify Himself. I suspect when Christians talk about Satan many of them are including his henchmen the demons. Although the Old Testament had little to say about Satan or demons, Jesus ran into a ton of demonized people just in the little villages around Galilee. I know some argue that most or all of the people the New Testament calls demonized were actually suffering from what we recognize today as medical ailments, but then you have to explain why some demonized people had super powers and you have to explain the suicidal pigs.

Yes, I suppose that if people encounter demons, they could say they are encountering Satan, and it would not be too inaccurate. The demon possessions in the Gospels are interesting. I believe more people are experiencing demonic oppression than they realize.

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  • A weak but all-round enjoyable investigation..
  • If we pick and choose which teachings Jesus committed to His disciples and instructed them to pass on to us, then we are not truly following HIM. The apostle Paul told Timothy 1 Tim. The devil conceals his activity and dares anyone to confront him in the power of the Spirit. Then perhaps none of it applies to us. And who chooses what we follow and what we ignore? And Paul does address the issues of driving out demons through the examples of his ministry he was once imprisoned for casting a devil out of a young girl and by preaching truth where these spirits have planted deception.

    Nearly every apostle affirms this reality. Anyone who preaches truth must confront his work and his agents. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. We are only called to be light, because the entire world is in darkness.

    It is the overarching work of satan that is sustained, maintained and appropriated by evil spirits working through men and women who believe his lies. Thank you sir, you clearly understand the Gospel of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit that gives us the ability to correctly interpret scripture.

    Thank you for taking the time to understand. Thanks Jeremy, However, I must disagree with at least one of your statements simply because I did not read the entire article, only the main points. Your basis for this is to say that God is forgiving and not judgmental… Please explain how God was forgiving in regards to the transgressions of others in the Old Testament, and why you think that he has had a change of heart? Best regards. Very well said, Jeremy, I certainly agree with you. The other posts are truly thought provoking, also.

    A couple of things to throw in the mix, one that came to mind is that we know anger and even violence may not always be a sin or wrong.

    1. We Give Credit to Satan

    Jesus had anger and He cleansed the temple of the money-changers. And about the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy…we do realize that is speaking of the false religious leaders of the day and not satan, right? Give God the Glory! I was blind but now I see! In John , 27, we see that God does not judge anyone, but has given all judgment to the Son. This type of judgment is only what satan, the accuser does.

    God does not engage in this type of judgment. The divine type of judgment is the type that sees things for what they really are and calls them out. We punish ourselves by our sin. God often allows the consequences of our sin to flourish in our lives. Jesus comes with Grace and Truth. Jeremiah Msg The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out. I get to the heart of the human, I get to the root of things. I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be. This is a very good read for every individual.

    You have well shared how to glorify Jesus Christ in your blog. That 5th point makes perfect sense, if we were to recall history. Such things are an insult to Jesus Christ, whose mission is to save souls from Hell, prior to the judgment of all souls and the establishment of his future kingdom.

    What is the process one should take when someone does accuse one of being possessed by Satan or a demon? Many people are actually turned away from Christ by what so called Christians do. Most of my life I did not practice my Christianity because I watched professed Christian being very cruel, judgemmental etc. I looked at other human sinners. So I hope we all can work harder to bring others to Christ…. Not turn them away. The most glaring omission is that evil is purely human based. So what would You rather do: Take that Pen off the counter Or ask the assistant if We could use it and then give it back?

    Do we step in to a Dangerous situation without thinking: How will this affect Our Family; then in the Name of Christ rebuke the offender if this situation does arrive. More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. Condition: Gut. Deutliche Gebrausspuren Gramm. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Published by Bern, Scherz, About this Item: Bern, Scherz, Gina Day, Sexy Satan, hrsg. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. From: biblion2 Obersulm, Germany. Sofortversand aus Deutschland.

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