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This is what is supposed to havemade a hole, or passage between the dimensions. I was just putting up some pre-emptive defenses in case it got too farout while I was still in the room.

This is a holy night! It could happen right now! Lena and I zapped him with death rays. Sacred Geometry. The originalreligion of Europe, Joseph, was a shamanic based interaction with nature that hadnever been interrupted by the theoretical abstractions of the Human mind. Paganshamanism is only a set of words for the unbroken tradition of consciousness thatgoes back to single celled organisms.

He is nearly twice as old as me and three or four times moreeducated. Yvonne, a meticulously polite person, glared silently at me for havinginterrupted the great professor.

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To achieve just the right proportions of haughtiness and dignity in her glare,Yvonne dipped her chin and arched her spine a couple of degrees which made hereyes tilt up and her boobs stick out so that I felt compelled to look at her withmore attention the result of which was a deeper burn from her sage green eyes. She was killing me. I jerked my head back at Spencer. This wasthe Garden of Eden where people were as innocent as plants. This was the folkculture of Europe and the Western World - that Christianity took over. For amillion years these early Humans were experiencing the mysteries of creationwithout mental interpretations.

Their interaction with the dead, with angels anddemons is beyond our knowledge since history got rewritten by the Church andthe monarchies. The planet is a microcosm of the Sun, as cells are amicrocosm of the Earth. So there ya go. I tried to look interested because it was growing on me just how sweetYvonne looked. I really wanted to engage this new Yvonne in some meaningfulconversation so I tried to bring the cosmic jibber jabber in for a landing.

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  • Narrowing his eyes, Spencer shoved hisreading glasses up off his nose and buried his face in the long book. Lena, whoknows me well and, seeing how fetching Yvonne looked, was smirking withveiled eyes. Spencer looked up at the ceiling. They favored reportsfrom military personnel, cops, professionals and airline pilots. So they hypothesized that; A. So theconclusion they came to was that there must be a parallel dimension and that thethings being seen were coming from - right here! I felt goose bumps crawl up my arms. I tried to get a grip on this conversation and drank more wine.

    The circles of stones are there to this day. A lot of work and thought went intomaking those circles. There had to be a payoff! I tried tomake my eyes vacant and dreamy like the Pleidian Goldilocks.


    I let my headsway at the wonder of it all. Wow, three months of murdering and kidnapping! Yvonne ignored me, looking exalted. She just believes everything that comesdown the pike. For her there is this universalnetworking army of angelic beings trying to help people evolve into happysmurfs. To her, my pragmatism was a failure of faith. For me, her ethericglee was a barrier to Human intimacy. For her, the happy ending began with being happy regardless of realities.

    Spencer and I agreed on the hard realities of the sinister intelligence scams ofthe corporations though he also believes the aurora borealis, for instance, is abridge for angelic beings to return to earth in winter - when the Hopi Katchinascome back from the stars. In the South West you hear a lot about this. Lena, morereasonably, believes that most people are in the elementary stages of spiritualevolution and there is a long, long road ahead so that the most important thing tofocus on is health.

    Our silences spoke volumes to one another. So they unraveled the universe while I kept my mouth shut bypouring wine down my throat. Her inaccessible loveliness just made the ache ofloneliness in me worse. And no one was talking about the unbelievable possiblere-election. Imagine these loversfrom across a dimensional warp walking in the woods, colored ribbons floatingfrom her hair as they lay down in the flowering clover. They only have a couplehours before the dimensions close What an image!

    Yvonne snorted. Probably at the idea of me getting dressedup. So - maybe these beings are anti-matterpeople. Would her leg be inone dimension and the rest of her in another? Lena laughed. I was brought up Catholic and we used to have so much fun with this kind ofstuff. But these guys were too serious. Yvonne and Spencer just ignored me andleafed through the book with creased foreheads. Yvonne surprisingly refilled mywine glass. We smirked at each other. I realized nothing tangible was going to come of this patched up good willbetween the lovely new Yvonne and me and, realizing I was getting pretty drunkand to show my contempt for their sloppy thinking, I got up to go.

    Goeth got kinda slurred into goth. She was asking Spencer something, hereyes quizzing and intent on his flipping through the pages of the Fairy book butas my gaze brushed across her corner of the room, she slowly scootched forwardon her chair so that her skirt slid up her thighs, her legs entwined like loverswrithing in bed. The sudden coldmade me snap to attention. With a waning moon above the mountains, the stars were brilliant in thefrosty night. I felt the cold freeze-dry my nipples and zipped up and shoved myhands deep in my pockets.

    A breeze rustling the stalks of corn in the fencedgarden caught my attention and I looked to see the scarecrow Lena had made outof straw stuffed into a thrift store tuxedo complete with tails and a squashed tophat. The fiddler-cricket stood shivering beneath the huge boulder that The moon was rising above the boulder and a hump ofquartz crystals towards the top of the boulder sparkled in its light. Subtle lines ofcrystal light radiated from the quartz and for just a moment the entire boulderseemed to become transparent. I saw a little cottage with an orange light on in awindow.

    I blinked and the mirage was gone. I walked inside the open gate and stood drunkenly next to the scarecrow. Welooked up at the stars flickering away in Morse code. The stardust of the MilkyWay trailing off to nearby galaxies. I felt just as lonely and angst ridden as I hadwhen driving down the highway at sunset. The image of the beribboned medievalgirl laughing and prancing through the sunny forest vivid in my mind.

    Thecrackling cosmic electricity in the horse-trough of brilliant stars up in the skylooked so thrilling, virgin and vast. It was the next morning that I fell off the ladder.

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    Bush hadbeen re-elected and a dead numbness hung in the air. The fuzziness of it made my hands itchto pet it like a kitten. Too late I noticed that I matched my tablecloth. The movie was about a bunch of Irish kidsthat start a soul band. It was great. I soaked it up.

    But the idea of a 36 year old guy keeping a diary of his dreams made me feelridiculous. That was for her New Age pals with their pie in the sky eyes and tarotcards that made confusion romantic. Half our arguments had always taken place around gender fencing. But alsohalf our fun. She snorted. I sniggered. One of my main problems with Yvonne is that she Though, on the other hand, when I put it that way,Yvonne has a couple of really nice points.

    In the distance, the Black Mesabadlands skyline towards Los Alamos looked violet and powdery through apurple cloudburst. My dog Neutron was staring in the bay window at us, tiltinghis head side to side as though he wanted the volume turned up. A couple of pallets of adobe bricks that would eventually be a wall aroundmy cactus garden was developing dark brown spots as the rain hit it.

    A pile ofblood red flagstone that was piece by piece becoming the patio floor was growingmaroon polka dots. It had got chilly. The cold has a stupefying effect on us here in the Southwestafter endless months of cloudless sunshine and radioactive heat. We become likelizards in air conditioning, slow and dopey. I had the oven on with the door openbecause Yvonne looked chilled in the short-sleeved sweater. With the cold rainspattering the windows her peachy presence warmed the whole house.

    You know what shesaid yesterday? Like I was a high school kid. Does she know anything about building? Iwoke up standing in the dark. The clock said two fifteen. I went to the fridge. Gota beer. Then The lawyer was stuck in my throat. Can you believe that!? All of it was extra, none of it was in the original bid andshe knew this when she agreed to have me add it on!

    I swear they teach thesepeople to screw you. This was like old times. Good people can never believethere is real evil in their midst because evil lies with such conviction! We know what the corporations want us to know and nomore. Do you know why there are ten thousand millionaires in America? You choose to identify with poverty, If you would just let your right brain talk to your left brain once in awhile you could start some internal relations!

    The corporations have hijackedAmerica! They just want power! Workingpeople - people who labor - carpenters, nurses, farmers - the same people whosnatched America out of the teeth of predator kings - are today looked on asinferior peasants rather than as the backbone of their own country. How is it thatone or two arms manufacturers and a handful of oil and pharmaceuticalcompanies are more important than a two hundred and eighty million workers?

    Money is justenergy. People get what they need to fulfill their karma. You create wealth inyour mind. I can just hear her talking with her friends! Maybe you need a divorce. Magnetic waves of it were pulsing outlike radar and activating my sonar systems.

    She was framed inside my fading,dusty, black and white poster of Emilio Zapata on the wall behind her. I could seethe ruby reflection of her hair in the glass when she tossed her head so that herhair bounced when she emphasized her points. You were brought together for a reason. Why was such a fine woman wastedon this oatmeal mush mentality? Now here she goes. I reallyliked having her in my kitchen. And your spiritual pals with perms also live in houses youknow. Why had we split up? Why we had gottogether in the first place? It was all a confusing mess of contradictions to menow.

    But having Yvonne sitting across from me at the kitchen table, her lovablesmile, the warm peach colors of her with the cold gray wet sky outside, steamrising from the tea kettle on the stove, the homey warmth of the oven driftingover us was stirring loving memories. This thought had sort of crossed my mind. Lena gave me But I was afraid I could float out of my body while say using a tablesaw. Or what if it happened when I met a hot babe? It could be cheaperthan say, a full frontal lobotomy.

    She sat back and ran a finger along the green plaid tableclothcaressingly. Her beautiful hands and gentle, feminine motions reminded me for amoment of how much tenderness we had shared. She knew me too well. The way people drive? She knew me all right. I used whatwas left of my partially lobotomized brain trying to pull her sweater up out of herjeans as she tucked her elbows in to make it more difficult.

    She pouted. And arched her spine so that she was taking it awayand pushing it forward at the same time as she let me kiss her. She raised her armshigh over her head, wiggling all her fingers and gave me her biggest smile. I woke up before youyesterday and watched you sleeping - you looked like a porcelain doll.

    And remember you promised! No spellingcorrections! Oh my god! My right brain is wiggling! It tickles! I was in a rush to get to the job for the bucktoothed, cross-eyed, analretentive, obsessive compulsive, homophobic yuppie lawyer where my crew ofthree noble working class heroes were waiting for me. Before going to the site I had to pick up Spence because Lena had their truckso I was in a hurry. We were in the last stages of putting the frame down on afooter for the stucco wall around the palace of the sainted lawyer while Emillionand his crew were about to begin slathering on stucco.

    The cat jumped up into the tree in the front of myhouse and climbed out on a branch and dropped onto the roof. Senora Lucia, who is just fivefeet tall, once got in an argument with the manager of the WalMart about thereturn of some item. He kept pointing at her with his index finger and she kepttelling him not to point at her until she grabbed his finger and dislocated it! So I climbed up on the roof, grabbed Precious and was getting back on theladder to go down when the cat squirmed in my grip, slashed my face and jumpedinto the tree. I reached for it but lost my balance.

    The ladder skidded off to the I hit my head on the flag walk and floated up in the air overthe house. I felt totally normal. It was like looking through barbecue fumes butotherwise it was real. It was welldone. So then I remembered I was in a hurry to get to work and floated downtowards my body. I looked around in a daze and then threw up my breakfast burritointo my lap. You said to put details in it Yvonne! I felt a lump growing on my head and saw a little blood on my hand.

    I wasfeeling nauseous. I called Neutron and went indoors. I put on sweat pants and laydown on the couch. Later I went to the job. And Yvonne I was going to ask you - does an angora sweater, you know, tickle? As I concentrated on remembering that feeling, there was a kindof jerk, a pop and then I was floating up over my bed. The lights were off in the house but I could see whatever I wanted to - when Ifocused on something, like the Biplane on my bureau or the mirror on the wall, Icould see them without turning around to do it. It was weird. I was particularlycurious about my own body which I could see plainly there on the bed with itseyes closed and breathing.

    The body looked like a sick caricature of me. I lookedlike a Walt Disney pirate -lantern jaw, hollow cheekbones like an Old Englishpeasant, cadaver-like straight hair and amazingly long toes sticking out fromunder the covers. It all looked animalistic, thick and corpse-like. Does thatconfirm anything for you Y? It wasthe density of the skin and the sense of this dark animal breathing there in mybed. It was like seeing my face on the body of an orangutan. Really gross. I looked around my room - at the two maple bureaus in the corner.

    TheSpitfire hanging from the ceiling. The aquarium on the bureau with its greennightlight glowing in the water, the corals and the sleeping fish. I looked out thewindows at the back yard. There was moonlight on the rock garden. I felt an itchon my leg and scratched it. This woke me up and I found myself scratching myleg. Sometime duringthe morning I was loading up wood scraps when I felt really dizzy and sat downon the ground. Then I blinked and was backinside my own body again. After a while a felt O. We had the radio on and heard Bush making a speech in that dark, menacingvoice of his as though we are all his enemies.

    That night, curious as hell if I could consciously have an O. Itried to see where I was but at first everything was vague and I wondered if I wasjust dreaming. As I stoodthere I felt an intense shock, like an electrical shock. Everything becameintensely focused for a second - the garden, the big boulder, the stars in the skyand then I woke up in bed. That night I dreamed thousands of pterodactyl birds were flying in blackwaves over the land coming from the west.

    I awoke with this sick feeling ofintense danger. Really Yvonne - control your mind! The buzzing bees startedup. There was the swooping feeling and a pop or two and then I was standingnext to my bed. I could feel the texture of the rag rug under my feet. I walked intothe kitchen and then went to the living room. I looked out the living roomwindow at the street lights shining on the parked cars.

    I walked through thehouse. A funny thing happened when I tried to open the back door. I wanted to goout to the back yard to see if Neutron could see me. When I tried to grab thedoorknob my hand went right through the door. So I just walked through the doorlike it was a hologram. Neutron was lying there halfout of his little doghouse. I looked at the sparkle of light and sort of automatically looked up at themoon which was causing it - as I did this I started flying or floating up fast intothe sky - I looked back at the house getting smaller and smaller and felt a wave offear - because I thought I was about to shoot off into space.

    There was a jolt andthe next thing I knew I was opening my eyes in bed. The sudden shift wasstrange. One minute I was accelerating through the night sky and the next I wassitting up in bed. There was a kind of hiss I could hear or feel - or maybe it wasjust the intensity of the sudden, total silence. It was a fascinating feeling.

    The entire Western Hemisphere looking upand seeing my skinny white ass flying to the moon! So I did that and walked through thebedroom wall into the backyard. I looked up at the moon and whoosh I was onmy way. And then there I was - standing on the moon looking at the earth and itlooked just like the pictures except for the barbecue fumes that are like opticaldistortions.

    I walked around a bit - it was like walking on baby powder. I seemedto be wearing an opaque kind of robe. When there was nothing more I wanted to do I looked at the earth down thereand picked a spot that was in the sunshine and sort of aimed myself at it like aslingshot. I pushed off and landed on a hillside Itwas like a hazy dream. Then I felt I was about to sneeze - ah, ah - and then on thechoo I woke up in bed sneezing. The next time was on Thursday the 11th.

    I buzzed, swooped up and out and thenimmediately was flying over Santa Fe. Below me was a blur of street lights andcar lights. I was pulled to a car parked on a dark side street. There was a guy, ateenager, Hispanic, standing next to the car. Inside the car was another guy whohad been shot and was dead.

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    I realized this guy trying to getin the car was the spirit of the guy who was dead in the car. I was paralyzed for a moment realizing this guy could see me and that Icould hear him - that he could talk when he was like that - a spirit next to his owndead body. He became aware that our looking at each other was weird, different,and he got distracted from trying to get a hold of the door handle. Then we bothstarted floating upwards and a feeling of mixed sadness and wonder was sharedbetween us.

    At some point he vanished and I woke up in bed. She had shoulderlength black hair and was muy guapa. A little charge of attraction passed between usand then we both looked away. Almost immediately Yvonne, I swear. She tookoff in a huge old maroon Impala with skinny low rider wheels and I drove off inmy truck. I swooped upand out and saw that same woman from the morning standing at the foot of mybed. It was really beautiful, tender and sweet. When it was over I woke up in bed and thought about it.

    You said to tell thetruth and put in the facts. The next day, when I got back from work, I saw the Impala was gone and Iwent over and asked Lucia who she was. Lucia sort of stressed the husband part and I assured her that Igot the picture. I was really tired and just went to sleep afterwatching a video. I woke up out of body. I flew into this strange house and theHispanic woman was there waiting for me at the front door.

    She was dressed in aheavy, floor length gown - thick as a curtain. And this clinchedit; subject closed. She was not available. I just drifted away and found myself inmy garage, feeling kind of rejected.

    I looked at the model airplanes hanging fromthe ceiling in the garage for a while. Then I just woke up in the morningnormally. I never noticed when I went back into my body. The dashboard glow on the instrument panel of the Spitfire was so real! Thelook of my gloved hands vibrating on the controls was so familiar. A drone likethunder rumbled on below me where clouds hid German bombers.

    Searchlightsstreaked through the fog and blimps and patches of London showed up in thesearchlights. Two hundred Hurricanes and Spitfires surroundedme as we headed west, descending through the fog over the English Channel ontoan incoming formation of German bombers flanked by Messerschmitt and fighters headed into London.

    There they were below me as I broke through the clouds. My machine gunwas going all out. Rounds went into me like warm fingers under the skinand then I was floating up over the bombers as they went by. My plane fell awayinto the English Channel and I woke up ten minutes ago. This was more than a dream. Every detail was graphically real. Theinstrument panel of my Spitfire was so clear.

    In the dream I remembered her name, Kelly - as Iawoke I could still feel the cold steel of machine gun handles vibrating in myhands. I was bar hopping. It was really eerie. Inside the bars people looked like corpsesdrinking green, bubbling poison.

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    I saw this woman in a short shiny dress backed up against a bar stoolplaying with the straw of her drink. A man stood in front of her talking. Therewas this elongated triangle - like a broken shard of glass - sticking out of her intothe man and globules of crystal light were trickling out of him along the triangleof black glass and into the woman - the whole time she was giggling and he waslaughing. There was a dance floor and people were dancing all tangled up in cobwebsand shooting things into each other. It was very weird and it made me tired anddepressed and I decided I wanted to go back to sleep.

    Instantly I was in my bedroom. But when I tried to get back into my body,the spiders were floating around my body on the bed and they would grab mewith cold, slimy tentacles and prevent my going forward. I got really scared. As I got more and more scared these things came closer and started touchingme with tentacles that burned cold when they touched me. I became desperate atone point and made a dive up and over them and got back into my body and wokeup.

    When I was awake I could still see them faintly, hovering around the bed inthe dark. I got up and turned the lights on and walked around the house until theyvanished. The business with the spiders really got to me. I was too nervous to try andget out for a few days. But I had very curious dreams. In one dream I wasstanding in a transparent dome on the bottom of the sea. Outside the dome, on theocean floor, there was tall grass waving in the current and two white angorabuffalo grazing as their long hair drifted with the current. In another dream I was piloting a UFO. The control panel took up the entirewidth of the ship behind the windshield, which curved and angled downwards.

    The ship was huge - as wide as the wings of a and extremely powerful. I wasflying along fairly close to the ground and fairly slow - I could see a wide riverbelow. On either side of it were roads with the high speed traffic of a moderncity. I could see telephone poles and wires and office buildings.

    The dream wasvery brief but so real that I lay thinking about it for a long time after I woke up. The density of the physical ship, the immense power in its engines was so real Ifelt sure I really had just been somewhere in another reality. In another dream I was in a moving elevator, lying on an operating table andfive or six people in white cloaks stood over me and aimed a kind of x-raymachine into different parts of my body. They were healing me somehow. Joe please wakeup! Just kidding Vonnie! He was having the same experiences as I am!

    Andthis was written in the fifties! His experiences are so much like mine. Yvonne said there are two more books of his. She told me soonce. Maybe she said the same thing to Goldilocks. The world is such a mess. Politicians are just waiters for big business. Ebook Download Second Chance Book. Ebook Download Second Opinion Book. Ebook Download Seeing is Believing Book. Ebook Download Seeing the Elephant Book.

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    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)
    Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1) Reptilian Agenda (Ixtellaria Druidda Book 1)

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