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The winner gets to come back the next month and do a feature set. Sounds right up my street.

Melting Chocolate Poem

Are there any big name special performers? And how much is it? I think I might go. Where can I get tickets?

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Check out their Facebook for tickets. And then have a look at them on Instagram , Twitter and their website.

An Hour of Poetry, Laughter, Tears, Love, and Chocolate at the Keats-Shelley House

Chocolate Poetry Club, a review. SunFlower Sep Chocolate Chips. So sweet with every taste of sugar Chocolate drops gooey, goofy, goodness Warm, soft, edible, delectable, incredible Beauties, that's for sure. Why are they so appealing?

Is it because of looks. Or is it because I'm extrovert.


Love, Poetry and Chocolate

Or is it the taste. KiraLili Oct Strawberry Chocolate Succulence Senryu. Luscious Savouring Cold strawberries dipped lightly Dark chocolate enrobed. KiraLili Nov Chocolate Mousse Haiku.

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Folded cocoa cream Slides from silver spoon to lips Melts on your warm tongue. Shlomo Jan I want a beautiful ring from you. With rare stones and diamond encrusted too. Are flowers too much to ask? Or maybe just chocolates, 'cos I might be moving too fast.

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September Roses May Lukewarm Yellow And Blue. Hot chocolate no longer tastes like chocolate Tea gets me as drunk as wine I get about as high on cannabis as I would rosemerry or thyme The clocks in my house have stopped ticking Though I never stop to check There's a litter of stray kittens, outside my door, on the front step Although time has stopped passing And the gods have fallen asleep I still find myself laughing That I've wept to much to weep.

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Ive had a few people wonder. Its limbo. Sanjali Feb This dark piece is not completely sweet Melting on the tongue, I feel its make-believe.

Little Baby Bum - Yum Yum! We Love Chocolates - Nursery Rhymes for Babies - Songs for Kids

How can it be bitter when I let it rest And be like nectar when I cannot possess?

Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate
Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate
Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate
Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate
Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate
Poetry For Chocolate Poetry For Chocolate

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