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Spacewatch Spacewatch: Nasa tries to get Martian 'mole' working again.

Opportunity: NASA Rover Completes Mars Mission

Published: 13 Jun Space has potential — we need to look up. Letters: Terraforming holds the key to colonising Mars, writes Jan Miller. And we already have a sizeable nuclear fusion reactor, writes David E Hanke.

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Published: 31 May The awesome vastness of time and space is laid out in its full, jawdropping incomprehensibility by Prof Brian Cox, the Attenborough of outer space. Published: 28 May Life on Mars? The utopian vision of humans colonising the red planet to solve our energy and population crises is a misguided fantasy, says science writer Philip Ball.

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Published: 26 May Notes and queries How will Mars explorers stop earthly viruses infecting the red planet? Published: 21 May Starwatch Starwatch: crescent moon points the way to Mars and the heavenly twins.

Published: 5 May Spacewatch Spacewatch: Nasa lander detects first signals of possible marsquakes. Published: 2 May Possible 'marsquake' detected for first time on red planet. Nasa probe InSight picks up slight tremor that fits profile of similar episodes on the moon.

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Published: 24 Apr Scientists uncover potential source of methane on Mars. Gas detected by Curiosity rover may have been released from fractured Martian permafrost.

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Published: 1 Apr Starwatch Starwatch: the young moon sets out on its month-long journey. This month Starwatch will trace the progress of the moon through its full cycle, starting this week with the new moon and waxing crescent. As the new space race hurtles forward, researchers are asking: how do we make sure the winners can still stand when they reach the Through modeling and Saltation causes electrical charges, that can oxidize minerals and ionize gases like The bacterium that controls the formation of such rocks on Earth is Addressing the problem, This is the first recorded trembling that appears to have come from inside the planet, as opposed to According to the study, the runoff was intense Summaries Headlines.

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  • The camera system has been observing Mars from Now, a new study argues there needs to be an underground source of heat for liquid water to exist underneath the

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