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Seven South Koreans dead, 19 missing after boat sinks in Budapest

A total of 33 South Koreans were onboard, South Korea's foreign ministry said, confirming the seven dead were Korean. The metre tourist boat was also carrying two Hungarian crew members.

TOKYO (7 p.m.)

Heavy rainfall since the beginning of May has led to high water levels, complicating rescue efforts. The crane will only be able to begin the lift when Danube water levels fall.

After falling significantly in the first days of the week, the Danube has risen several inches over the past 24 hours and is expected to rise a bit more until around midday Friday — due to melting snow in its upper basin — before falling again. The identification of the South Korean victims was being conducted with the cooperation of South Korean police.

Another victim found from Hungary tourist boat disaster, bringing death toll to 20

Its chief superintendent, Im Byung-ho, said new techniques have made it possible to lift fingerprints off bodies that have been in the water even as long as three months. Budapest tour-boat crash: Death toll in Danube tragedy climbs to 19 Associated Press. Three bodies were found about two miles from the accident site, according to local reports.

It was the deadliest boating accident in the country in the past 75 years, a Hungarian official said. Attila Boros, a media officer with the National Police Headquarters, said that a criminal investigation has begun into the accident. The Danube accident was also one of the deadliest ship accidents involving South Koreans since the Sewol ferry disaster in The overloaded Sewol sank off the southwest coast of South Korea, killing people, including high school students, in one of its worst peacetime disasters.

The Budapest boat sinking, and the likelihood of a rise in the death toll, shocked South Korea, which is still recovering from the previous tragedy. Orban told Mr. Moon that divers and medical professionals had been sent to the site of the accident, the office said.

South Korea was also sending an member rescue team from its national fire agency to Budapest on Thursday.

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The second team will include divers who had participated in rescue operations after the Sewol accident. The Danube collision took place at p. Adrian Pal, a police official, and emergency responders arrived at the site shortly before p.

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