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Definition of Vignette

The sound of asian voice on a c.

Haiku Vignettes & Thought Bites

We can identify it immediately, but one wonders "Where are we? What's going to happen? Are we going somewhere?

A delicate and subtle sense of drama pervades. A ping-pong ball drops or two petanque balls click together.

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A mans voice comments in obvious good humour. An animal, possibly a horse, snorts loudly.

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Bike brakes squeek, followed by the ticking of the turning wheels. A train-like whistle sounds, but too "small" sounding to be a real train.

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  7. A children's train? Suddenly, birds… followed closely by churchbells clanging brightly. A manic, xylophone-esque sound fades in, then passes.


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    The soundscapes becomes briefly mushy, indistinct. A crow is heard to caw, then fade out…. Charles Mixter and his contribution to surgery for esophageal atresia. Chance favors the prepared mind.

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    Judah Folkman and sustained release of drugs from silicone rubber. What's in a name? The stoma story.

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    Surgical patients belong on a surgical service. Willis Potts and the other contribution of pediatric surgery to cardiovascular operations.

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    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes
    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes
    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes
    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes
    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes
    Aphorisms & Vignettes Aphorisms & Vignettes

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