The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)

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Menu Skip to content. Upcoming Events. Toto and his person, Jonathan Hall, will be here to meet everyone and tell his story. Toto fans of all ages are welcome, and the event is free! Search for:. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Devil's Dream. A powerful new novel about Nathan Bedford Forrest, the most reviled, celebrated, and legendary of A powerful new novel about Nathan Bedford Forrest, the most reviled, celebrated, and legendary of Civil War generals.

With the same eloquence, dramatic energy, and grasp of history that marked his award-winning fictional trilogy of the Haitian Revolution, Madison Smartt From the Pulitzer Prize finalist, the single most compelling, lucid, and lyrical contemporary account of From the Pulitzer Prize finalist, the single most compelling, lucid, and lyrical contemporary account of the absurdity of U.

In May , a group of men attempted to cross the Mexican border into the desert of southern Devil's Keep. Not Ray Favor. He killed with the easeof flipping a light switch. The year Bell turns eleven, she's living with a foster family in the beautiful but poverty-stricken mountains of West Devils You Know: A Collection. Indian Rock Publishing. So never mind.

Then he says he owes her another swimming lesson, and hahahahahahahaha no. Kelsey goes to her room and sees the stains still on the rug between the beds, and crawls around on the floor looking for the seaweed and the other??? No, really, what? She sticks her hands in the pockets of her bathrobe and discovers the scary note from Beth is missing, oh no. Because, you know, someone was listening to her conversation with Friend Jenny.

Does everyone have Jeeps? Is it a communal Jeep? They drive around for a minute while Kelsey waits for him to start the conversation. The conversation that she wanted to have. Neale apparently figures this out because he pulls the Jeep over and asks what the fuck she wants. Kelsey, being a moron, takes it as a threat rather than a guy trying to save her life. Because, again, Kelsey is an idiot. Uhhhh, good question.

I mean, yeah, probably. Then Donna is hit by the bright idea that whoever it was was really after Kelsey because she had the note, the proof that Beth might have been killed, and then this exchange takes place:. Wha — what?

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How the fuck did you come to that conclusion? What points to him? How are you not suspecting the boys living in the same house as you, with ready access to all your stuff?! How did both you morons come to the exact wrong conclusion, with zero evidence or logic, at the exact same time?! Guys, I hate this. I really hate this. Donna suspects that Isaac was out in the water pretending to be a shark the night before, but he mistook Justin for Neale because Neale knows Beth was murdered, so he was after him.

They think someone is watching them from the lighthouse and it must be Isaac. Because of course it must be. Oh, also he knows they know because they found that body. I mean, all three lifeguards also know about that, but sure. Oh, cool. Killer Lifeguard POV chapter.

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Good for him, I guess. Donna goes off to work, leaving Kelsey to wander around the beach and run into Skip, who buys her a hot dog, then Justin, who grabs the hot dog out of her hand and throws it into the trash. Hmm, seems like something a serial killer would do. What if she wanted to eat that, you dick? Let the pseudo-incest begin!

Kelsey walks Justin to his lifeguard station and takes off, daydreaming dreamily until she ends up at the marina, where she sees Isaac leave his houseboat and spontaneously decides to engage in a little breaking and entering. Well, technically there was no breaking, so amend that to criminal trespass. Anyway, the place is disgusting, just like poor Old Isaac.

Then she sees a red scarf just like the one Beth was wearing in a photograph she saw. I guess no one else is allowed to have red scarves. Quick, someone alert all the retail outlets! Before she can steal the scarf and not tell any responsible adult her suspicions, she runs away after getting jump-scared by a rat. But, you know, Kelsey should still try to have fun and whatnot.

And then she wonders why the innocent ones always have to suffer. No, really, could it? She lays down on the couch, falls asleep, has The Dream again, then wakes up to a dark room. At six thirty.

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During the summer. Why is it dark at six thirty during the summer?! Lord, give me patience. Kelsey grabs her stupid purple windbreaker is Sweet Valley missing a Unicorn? Why is any of this happening?

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Why am I recapping this? What is life? Why are we here? Please excuse the existential crisis this book has sent me cartwheeling into. Fifty-five pages to go, and this book has defeated me. Way to fucking go, Kelsey. Through this conversation, I want to point out that Justin appears to be in shock. Skip, of course, laughs at the girls and calls them crazy. Hey, Justin? Can you kill Skip? Killer Lifeguard POV time again. Huh, no accounting for taste, I guess. Is this bizarro world? My brain is broken now.

What even is this book. Listen, you abusive prick. This was standard boyfriend fare in the Point Horror novels. The good guys are worse than the murderers.

She runs down the beach screaming for help, then realizes someone else is screaming for help from the water, and now we see firsthand how Rebecca must have died last summer. The boys run up, and Justin jumps in the water in a panic to find the drowning girl. I have no idea what kind of sense it makes to do this. I guess to fuck with Kelsey some more? For the lolz? God, can I go back in time and slap eight-year-old me for liking this piece of shit?

Unsurprisingly, no rescue crews find anyone drowned or reported missing or anything. Worth the price of admission, I swear.

Then Kelsey cries about how Isaac almost strangled her tonight, and that he said again he knows who killed Beth. Cryptic old man is cryptic. Kelsey follows Donna and basically tells her to ignore the shitty things Skip says to her because he really does like her, and you can just get fucked, Kelsey. Plot contrivance! Plot contrivance everywhere!

Then he and Kelsey make out a little, because they both clearly believe in keeping it in the family. He goes to his own room, leaving Kelsey all hot and bothered, and she goes to bed.

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Dear Lord. The blankets are his arms. Sweet Jesus. Look, the way he describes this, he was just following her, then she turned around and saw him and immediately knew he was going to kill her. How exactly did this play out? Was it like. Justin: Oh, uh. Justin is an idiot. Well, he thinks Kelsey is smart, so how bright can he be, really? Good choice, Kelsey.

Good choice. She thinks that the boys will probably be home today since the beaches will certainly be closed, then hopes that she and Donna will continue to be the bestest of best friends forever after! The letter implies that Neale is there because he attempted suicide, but Kelsey is too fucking thick to pick up on it.

Look, when I was a teenager, I was in psych hospitals twice for severe depression. There are more extreme wards, sure, but I guarantee you Neale was in the boarding-school variety of psych wards.

The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)
The Devils Elbow (The Brookfield Saga Book 1)

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